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What You Actually Watch When Watching The Super Bowl

The Media Education Foundation analyzed last year’s game and break down what we ACTUALLY watch while watching the Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl is slotted to last up to four hours, but check this out: You’re only going to see about 17 minutes of actual GAME time. 257 more words


Visual Rebellion

Sometimes things have to seemingly go back in time to make sense.  Here’s a video about some people who have come up with a concept that is so obvious, and I’ve thought of so many times, I’ve wondered why no-one has done it yet.   16 more words


College Demographic

It is so interesting to see the types of people that go to my college. I find myself often looking around to see what kinds of people there are. 425 more words

Random Thoughts

The Date directed Ed Rigg

This was a great video about a Magician that goes on a date. I watched it and thought the ending was funny. Enjoy. Check it out.

Short Film

Mandola for cello

Sinfini has two short videos of Avi Avital featuring Bach’s prelude to the Suite for Solo Cello No. 1 (perhaps my favorite piece of music). The Mandola, played by strumming and plucking like a guitar, maintains but still transforms the prelude. 7 more words


When You Build a Character: A Quote

When you build a character, you are really fueled by curiosity not answers. ~Andre Dubus III

I believe Andre Dubus III put it perfectly into perspective.

163 more words

Way me

Meeting her
engaged me
Watching her
impressed me
Listen’to her
inspired me
Feeling her
drugged me

Way’ing her
directed me

empowered me
to way me
become me

Jos Z'n Filosofie