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WATER: Part 3 - Removing Sediment Before Filtering & Purifying

I am simple guy! If you are purifying your water before you drink it (or cook with it) then you know you are safe. Might be a bit inconvenient but better to be inconvenienced than to get sick. 898 more words



ēagor-strēam, m.n: a water-stream, ocean.

Old English

Studland Reflections 1

The first of a series of abstract images based on photographs of light reflected on sea water ripples at Studland Bay in Dorset, England.

Nature Photography

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G Wheeler catches a #Garfish, better known as the “Sea Needle” for the first time. #Human2oxygen #Human2o #Gwheeler #instaseafood #foodporn #foodie #instafoodie #goodeats #culinaryporn #waterworld #watercrystals #instafishing #instafisherman #flipagram ♫ Music: The Glow – Willie Hutch made with @flipagram . http://flipagram.com/f/PnslBqqfqW

Food For Thought

Mariah Carey uses Kangen Water in her Motor Home

Every professional singer makes vocal health their number one priority. There is a long list of famous entertainers that make Kangen Water part of their health regimen. 78 more words

Crying Foul - Letter to HB Today

I find the decision of HBRC not to take action against CHBDC for breaching their discharge consents somewhat bizarre. CHBDC had ten years to get their act together and they mucked around so much that the treatment plants were only completed at the very last-minute. 85 more words

HB Today

What do You see..

At a distance you only see my light …
Come closer and know that I am you!