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Stoned on Öland

Been down on the “vacation-island” Öland where I grew up. While most people were lying like seals on the beach I took a drive up to the northern parts of the island (I’m a bit too restless for spending a whole day on a towel…). 126 more words

Rain Bearrel

Yes, I do know how to spell. Bear with me – pun fun intended.

You purchase a half barrel and maybe place a liner inside to catch rain water. 327 more words

Barrels +

A flower blossoms for its own joy


Sometimes I wake up and lie still enough to hear a petal drop from the vase of flowers. Sometimes I lie awake and wish there was someone to hear my falling…..

Day One Hundred and Sixteen: Pond

Calm reflections, cool stillness, mayflies and buzzing dragons brooding over the water, hovering in the heat of the day. Green algae and duckweed floating in abundance, masking your clarity, muddied mirror, darkened pool. 62 more words


Tom 365 - July 27, 2014

Surviving afternoon rain storms on the lake.