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It it safe? Will my filter clean this?

Looking at the above picture, does it look like a safe water hole?

Yes it looks safe, but what you don’t see in the pictures are the cattle off to the left of the picture. 724 more words


Why Not Drink Bottled Water? One Very Important Reason...

BPA In Water Bottles And Other Plastic Products

While the importance of drinking lots of clean, fresh water cannot be overstated, many people are confused about bottled water.  798 more words

Clean Water

George Page Brings Clean Water to Those Who Need Them Most

George Page is the founder and CEO of Portapure, a Chicago-based company that empowers people to save their own lives through its portable water filtration device. 130 more words


Solutions to make Water Taste Better

Ways of Solutions to make Water Taste Better

  1. .Water is essential to the wellness insurance and well-being, and it really is significant that individuals drink enough during the day.
  2. 412 more words

Whole House Water Filtration Systems

Seven Advantages of Selecting Whole Home Water Purification Systems

Allows face the information. Plain tap water simply is not secure to consume. Investigation has shown that cooking with plain tap water, bathing with plain tap water, on and on about other normal day to day activities that have to have plain tap water will be damaging. 518 more words


What You’re Not Being Told About Your Tap Water | Off The Grid News

It would be wise for everyone to invest in a good home water filtration system. We are currently using a Pure water filter that attaches to our faucet, as well as two… 375 more words


Pure Water Systems:

What are the benefits of a home counter-top water filter system?

Statistics collected by the meticulous researchers place almost a billion of the Earth’s population in the bracket which does not have access to clean drinking water. 390 more words

Benefits Of A Home Water Filtration System