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My First Foray - A Lesson in Preparation

My first backpacking foray went quite as expected: my lack of preparation and all-around first time backpacker-ness shone as my more experienced backpacking buddies – Jake and Derek – had to support much of my needs when it came to the less-glamorous, though equally critical backpacking items.  534 more words

Appalachian Trail

Trial and error with aquaponics

I checked on the Grow Dome yesterday to see how the system was running.  It was not as dramatic as the loss of fish, but I entered the Grow Dome and found about half of our plants dried up and water was not flowing out of the system while the pump was making a sound of being clogged or bogged down. 445 more words


Alabama Well Water

Pure, clean water is H2O, and anything else in water is essentially a contaminant. Yet there are so many things that can make their way into water and affect its quality. 217 more words

Drinking Water

Absolute vs Nominal Filtration for Filter Cartridges

Often the degree of filtration required for a new application is unknown, so in an effort to cover all bases the filtration required is often stated as Absolute. 362 more words

Water Filtration

Avion Solutions Provides Employees with High Quality Water Treatment from Aon Water Technology

Huntsville, AL - Avion Solutions provides it’s Huntsville office employees with high quality water treatment from Aon Water Technology.  The value of water filtration in a high tech company may be something that’s under the radar but the benefits are sure to be sky high for employees working at Avion Solutions.  483 more words

Drinking Water

Creative Work Fund Project: Benicia Waterfront Temporary Land Art

Artist – Mark Brest van Kempen

We have come up with a temporary project that touches on some of the drainage and clean water issues that might be addressed in permanent design elements (such as rain gardens) in the final design of the Benicia waterfront. 257 more words