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How Important is Water for Your Health?

By: Sanda J. Allyson, September 19, 2014

Just how important is clean drinking water for the body? Very. For starters, your body is approximately 75% water. 388 more words

Clean Water

Bottled Water Mythbusting

One thing we all buy is bottled water. But how much do you know about the average bottle of water? Is it BPA free? Is it really better than tap water? 351 more words

Water Filtration

Rainfall: Dow’s Celebration of Water

Published on Jul 28, 2014

Storm clouds gather. Skies darken. A storm is unleashed and rain falls. So goes the water cycle, condensing moisture from all forms into the pure and wonderful process called rainfall. 58 more words


How Graphene Desalination Could Solve Our Planet's Water Supply Problems: Video

Published on Jul 2, 2014 The Zero Line with Dr. Kent Moors
How Graphene could Increase Water Supplies for The Poorest Countries

More than 780 million people in the world need clean water. 250 more words


How to Prepare for Hurricane Season

At Filtercon, we are thinking of all our customers from all over. Here is an article on hurricane preparation for Filtercon costumers in hurricane-prone states. 434 more words


Benefits of Water for You and Your body

One of Filtercon’s biggest customers was Dr.Batmanghelidj. He was the author of Your Body’s Many Cries for Water. He understood how important it is to have good, clean, pure water for your body. 247 more words


Water alert is issued to residents of Pelee Island

Photo illustration by Justin Rose, creative director, the Quell Group

Residents of Canada’s Pelee Island have been warned to drink only bottled water and to stay away from the beaches as toxic Lake Erie algae has reached its shores. 242 more words