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Image of a water fountain taken by Andre Pienaar on a recent trip to Cambridge using G3 camera

There’s something about water in photography which always captures the imagination. This image is all about restrictions and freedom. In the distance is an ancient tree which has been restricted into a courtyard for its entire life, along with freshly mown grass and water being circulating in the fountain, nature has been curtailed into something pleasing and uniform for the eye. 95 more words

Kansas City water fountain becomes an ice fountain

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (NBC) — Things are getting a bit icy in Kansas City.

Weather Channel Meteorologist Mike Seidel took a video of a water fountain in Kansas City, where it was so cold, the water froze as it came out. 43 more words


Fountain lights at night.

Fountain at a wonderful park! The opportunity was too good to pass up. I felt compelled to take a few photos of the fountain!


Piazzas in Rome

There are lots of piazzas in Rome. Not pizzas, well…. there are lots of those too, but this isn’t about food.

You can’t wander around Rome without walking through piazzas. 54 more words