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Korean Independence Day continues to stir the pot for Japan-Korea relations

Every country loves to celebrate its Independence or Foundation Day. While many such national holidays have become celebratory days for friends and family, there is always a thread of proud nationalism that runs through them. 525 more words


I'm Such A Good Mom! (Top 10 anyway)

I always make sure that the boys have the proper safety equipment when they play.  (The lumberjack helmet is completely adequate protection for riding behind the tractor on the lawn mower!) 336 more words

Mom Life

Morgan's wonderland

I have always loved amusement parks, the food, the rides, a new roller coaster that puts you on the edge of life. Not a big fan of the shows, but sometimes even the shows are great like the ones in Universal Studios. 1,061 more words


Painting with Water Pistols - Outdoor Summer Fun!

We’ve been experiencing a heatwave here in recent days – stunning, hot, sunny weather, my favourite type except for snow!!!!  We have been taking our activities outdoors and finding lots of fun and creative ways to play and learn in the sun!   434 more words

Activities For Kids

Oh, Those Flood Gates...

Kids with the latest Super Soaker on their Christmas lists can breathe easy for awhile. Burlington, Iowa’s city council has voted 4-1 not in favor of a ban on toy guns, citing the potential bill as “too vague”. 905 more words

Water Gun Activities for Summer Fun

We recently acquired a set of water guns because the girls love a water fight. On a hot day a water fight is great fun but it isn’t always warm enough. 277 more words

Early Education & Play

White Boys Selling "Guns" In The Hood Prank Goes All Kinds Of Wrong

So obviously  these boys sat around to plan this prank where they would ask black dudes around NYC if they wanted to buy guns from them.   42 more words

Philly Morning Show