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Jimmy Fallon Drinks Poop Water

Bill Gates tricks Jimmy into drinking poop water.

This is possible via Bill Gates’ latest gizmo called the Omniprocessor.

Here is Matt Damon explaining why the Omniprocessor is so important.



Haiti 5 Years Later

This week was the five year anniversary of the earthquake which left Port au Prince and much of Haiti devastated. It was a magnitude 7 event, caused by a strike-slip fault rupturing 8 miles beneath the surface and releasing waves of seismic energy – we talk about it now and then in some of my classes. 669 more words

Have You Donated 0.075% of Your Net Wealth This Year to End Child Mortality and Hunger?

Sign the petition at …

58 million children under five years old are projected to die 2015-2035. If everyone with a net wealth over 30,000 USD, whom are the wealthiest 10% of us owning 85% of the world’s net wealth, began contributing 0.075% of our net wealth yearly over the next 20 years, this would raise over 50 billion USD annually to end child mortality and hunger worldwide – that’s 22.50 USD per year for individuals with 30,000 USD net wealth, 75 USD per year for individuals with 100,000 USD net wealth. 1,742 more words

Child Mortality

First World Problems

Living in a 100 year old farmhouse has its challenges. Something is always breaking, or threatening to. This morning it’s a plumbing problem (again). We joke that our plumber Adam should really have the spare bedroom as his very own. 284 more words