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Caring for Your Plumbing System

Caring for Your Plumbing System

By: Joe Bousquin

 Care for your pipes so they’ll last longer — and prevent a costly plumbing disaster later.

You probably don’t think much about the network of water and sewer pipes inside your walls that deliver your hot and cold water — and eliminate your waste — on demand. 1,001 more words


I am not referring to any IT programme, but rather to a number of Cape Town suburbs where the pipes bringing us our water are being upgraded after some twenty five years.   266 more words

Dearborn Says No New Hookah Cafes For 6 Months

DEARBORN, Mich. (AP) – A Detroit suburb known for an abundance of hookah cafes has ordered that no new ones be opened in the next six months. 125 more words


Ti's Tips - Water Pressure vs. Water Volume

Water Pressure or PSI (pounds per square inch) is exactly that – a measurement of force. While water volume or GPM (gallons per minute) is a measurement of flow. 154 more words

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