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The Falls

Water power in the city of Spokane, Washington


Windmills on a Hill where will the people live?

Is this the future for #Green Power# it is taking over all the land to give us power to live and use our appliances, loads of electricity but no life, no panorama, no ‘Football’, perhaps a Water-Turbine on the coast line will be a lot more friendly for mankind?

Water Power

April 1, 1915: Census of Water Power and Storage in Massachusetts

April 1, 1915:  Municipal Journal article. Water Storage in Massachusetts. “Boston, Mass.-That the state’s water resources are being gobbled up by private interests and that unless some change of policy is immediately instituted Massachusetts will have to face a water famine is brought to the attention of the legislature in a report on the conservation and utilization of waters by the state board of harbor and land commissioners. 354 more words


Design Obsession of the Day...

Being a fan of clever design, but also a bit of a self-proclaimed activist, I tend to love ideas that combine both in one clever, “green” package. 200 more words


Stormy Weather Profits

It would seem that stormy weather is an ideal opportunity for a profits rise with wind farms, after all if it is too windy then the units will be damaged and unable to produce “Green Power”. 86 more words

Water Power

March 25, 1639: America's First Power Canal

March 25, 1639:  “America’s first canal to provide industrial water power began (dug by colonists in Dedham, MA); ran from Charles River to Neponset River at Mill Creek.” 103 more words