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How to Jazz up Your Summertime Hydration and A GIVEAWAY!

Help me welcome my friend and very talented Registered Dietictian, Liz Malgieri as today’s guest blogger! She shares with us how to keep ourselves hydrated through the summer heat. 805 more words

Winter Photo Project for School

I took these in the freezing cold for one of my classes at the Art Institute. This was at the Nine Mile Falls Dam, in Nine Mile, Washington.


Water and not Wind?

Wind turbines are proliferating world wide but are not necessarily the most efficient way of producing electricity. Pictured is a simple system where the water in a tank is heated the steam drives the wheel around, now if we pressurise the tank it would be water rotating the wheel, but if the principle is changed and water is directed to the nozzles no tank is needed, take this further and contain the rotary element into a housing and then push or drop water through a designed rotor we connect with a generator and gearing we have power production in its simplest/ crudest  form.  60 more words

Water Power

Hidden in plain sight: EIA highlights massive swing to renewables

For many years the gold standard in energy reporting in the US has been the various EIA reports. Over the last five years though, it was clear something was going wrong. 595 more words

Solar Power

Do Industry's and Individuals Need Oil

War or serious unrest in oil producing countries affects everyone else in the world, if oil is restricted then communities suffer, not just the ‘rich in the West’ but the poor everywhere suffer from fuel shortage. 169 more words

Water Power