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From Guest Blogger Kristine: Innovative New Tech Driving Water Recycling Up the Agenda

Water recycling is quickly rising up the agenda around the world. Water is a valuable resource that we use a great deal of and finding ways to use cast off water is important, especially in industrial settings where water can be used in large quantities with a great deal of it turning into waste. 452 more words


“Toilet-to-Tap” Becomes a Reality

Desperate times call for desperate measures and in Texas that translates into a program in several cities to reuse treated wastewater in a state-approved recycling process to bolster drinking supplies. 353 more words

Climate Change

New Global Women for Water Mission

Radio Host Sharon Kleyne has announced a new global women’s mission to educate the world about water shortages, water recycling and the need for governments to work together to solve water problems. 232 more words


Water Solutions

One of the things that will be very important for our small, passive house is efficient water consumption. Water scarcity is a reality in many parts of the world, including the U.S. 439 more words

Banana Planting Mania

We had a great amount of bananas growing throughout the mata (forest/jungle) of Capijuma. They grow all year around, though much slower during the cooler periods, and they were one of our steady local food supplies. 555 more words

Making Things

Scientists turn manure into water

ScienceAlert Australia 1 June 2014

Would you drink water made of cow manure? Could you tell the difference? Researchers have developed a method that turns cow poop into drinkable water.

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Water Analysis - Non-biological Contamination