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Desperate Times, Desperate Measures

After having already attempted to make it rain with cloud-seeding and, failing there, gaining approval to recycle waste water into drinking water, Wichita Falls Texas has entered a new realm in innovative methods for dealing with the persistent drought in northwest Texas. 168 more words


Outdoor summer shower project

I am from Uzbekistan and much of this summer I have spent at my parents’ house in Tashkent. We are blessed with a big garden which also requires a big deal of tender loving care. 491 more words

Interior Design

Prototype: pedagogic water cleaning

This spring we got some money to start build a prototype of the water cleaning system that will eventually become the Visual Water water cleaning wall. 364 more words

Nutrient Recycling

Water We Gun Do Bowdit?

A quick glance at the areas of drought in late July 2014 from the NYT map below tells more than we want to hear about. See that dark red patch on the west coast? 985 more words

The World

From Guest Blogger Kristine: Innovative New Tech Driving Water Recycling Up the Agenda

Water recycling is quickly rising up the agenda around the world. Water is a valuable resource that we use a great deal of and finding ways to use cast off water is important, especially in industrial settings where water can be used in large quantities with a great deal of it turning into waste. 452 more words


“Toilet-to-Tap” Becomes a Reality

Desperate times call for desperate measures and in Texas that translates into a program in several cities to reuse treated wastewater in a state-approved recycling process to bolster drinking supplies. 353 more words