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Controversial New Water Legislation Introduced in B.C.

The B.C. Government introduced Bill 18, the Water Sustainability Act, on March 11th. It updates the current legislation passed in 1909, and “will bring groundwater into the licensing system, and will expand government’s ability to protect fish and aquatic environments “. 189 more words

Hazards Research

Eric Tate, a University of Iowa faculty member, is also a hazards geographer, who researches and studies issues closely related to floods.

Currently, Tate is interested in the social dimensions of floods. 65 more words


Nuclear waste research

A University of Iowa faculty member is researching how nuclear waste moves in environmental systems

Tori Forbes specifically studies uranium, a byproduct of nuclear fuel, and how it interacts in natural waters. 49 more words

Water Quality

Stream Gauge Monitoring Network

Adam Ward, an assistant professor at the University of Iowa, is crowd-sourcing hydrologic data.

Signs near each stream ask people who pass by to read the ruler and text in the water level. 64 more words


Water Communication and Policy Research

A University of Iowa faculty member is conducting a content analysis of how water quality issues are being covered by the media in Iowa.

The findings indicate water utility issues and recreational water uses are the top stories, with little media coverage on research and ways to preserve our water resources. 44 more words


Water Quality Research

A University of Iowa faculty member is studying how different contaminants get in to and persist in surface water.

David Cwiertny from the UI Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering examines how pollutants in water break down in sunlight or stick to organic matter. 36 more words

Water Quality