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Water your plants with Dirty Dish Water (using Method Soap)

subject: Can I water my plants with dish soap?

NOV 18, 2014  |  03:43PM PST


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Simple solutions to reduce water consumption...

Houses or Businesses:

  • Fix any leaks. If a leak drips once per second that will lead to approximately 18.95 litres of water wasted per day (132.65 litres per week)!
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Energy Efficiency

Herbicide Use Conserves Water, Tripling Sorghum Yields

Sorghum is grown primarily in Great Plains states where it is used as a livestock feed. Early grain sorghum production generally involved clean tillage for weed control which eliminated most surface residues. 277 more words


Survey says Utahns' average water use is highest in United States

SALT LAKE CITY — Utahns use more water per person than anyone else in the country, and a study by the United States Geological Survey says the average Utahn uses 248 gallons of water a day. 76 more words


California Water Use Is All Over The Map

In posh parts of northern San Diego County, residents on average used more than 580 gallons of water a day in September. During the same month, Angelenos in less-affluent East L.A. 655 more words


Wacky Water Waste

The drought out West has brought the insane water use issues out there to national attention again. The way water is being apportioned and used is not at all inline with whats best for the citizens out west, the free market, or the country in general. 131 more words

Nobody Is Flying The Plane