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Jacob's Well - Wimberley

Recently, Jacob’s Well, a natural spring well in Wimberley, was named as one of the most dangerous spots on Earth!  But my kids and I have enjoyed many afternoons there without incident as have thousands of others.  180 more words

Day Trips

Stay Hydrated // Citrus-Munt Water

Op zomerdagen zoals we die de laatste dagen hebben gehad, is het belangrijk veel te drinken. Niet alleen omdat we veel vocht verliezen, maar om diverse redenen. 210 more words


Fish on Friday

Fish on Friday © Lynn Wiles 2014
To continue on the fish theme, here are some little ones swimming in the shallows.


Watery Revivals

Is water a stimulant or a depressant?

During these dog days of summer, when our hot Carolina sun encourages water particles to gather in the sky en masse… calling them to jump out of their calm puddles and lakes and crowd themselves into every nook and cranny the air particles have to offer… like a carnival barker tempting children to cram into an over-filled ferris wheel… “Yes, yes, we have room for another, from sixty feet up, she’ll look just like your brother…” I think I lose perspective. 346 more words


Die sterre is vreemd hier -

wasig en nie op hulle verwagte

plekke nie.

Hulle flikker en

doof uit,

om my alleen

te los,

sonder my kosmiese



When the sun fades

In the cool of the eve,

In the whisper of night,

Two eyes glistened in early moonlight,

Soft they spoke,

With desire they beckoned me, 36 more words