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In which Holmes Creates a Painting in the Rain, or: The Case of the Vanishing Castle

We arrived at Ithaca New York later than we had hoped, due to no greater misadventure than leaving Montreal too late in the day. Ongoing activities being so pressing, Holmes had been up to the wee hours inscribing books – which are even now being dispatched to the far corners of the earth. 348 more words


Red-eared slider

I had a couple of these lovely creatures once. When I got them they were the size of a nickel. Their lifestyle consisted of eating (a lot), basking on their rock under a sunlamp and eliminating waste (also a lot). 80 more words


Inktober art from this week & DIY watercolor block

Sometimes I can’t seem to get things going with my art… but here are some things I’ve done this week:

Nina III

Child Portrait 1017… 395 more words

Art & Design

Fourth Grade Halloween Silhouettes Watercolor Wax Resist

I did this project last year for middle school using acrylics. It can be easily modified for different grade and different mediums.

Materials: watercolor paper, pencil, eraser, Cray Pas oil pastel (white, black, and yellow), watercolor brush, water cups, Watercolors, rulers… 153 more words

Elementary Art Lessons

Journal Reflections: 1989/2014 Grief

anguish, despair:  how
you say it doesn’t ease the
heartbreak sorrow grief


It's fall in Montreal, but we're going to Ithaca

These are from a few days back, when the leaves were just turning. This was the last awesome day of the year. 25 degrees, sun and a light breeze. 99 more words