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I love the sheer mass of this old cottonwood, towering above younger trees in my neighbor’s abandoned field. Less than a year ago, its hollow trunk still supported most of its aging, weighty limbs. 72 more words


a photo today

I think I caught the last bloom of these hardy day lilies. Here in the middle of NY, they flourish everywhere. Painting today. Posting tomorrow. … 14 more words


Bathers (undated)

I forgot about this little watercolor, which my sister had. I think I may have painted it on site–I never painted from photos back then. It may even be my dad in the water. 13 more words


what mariel made: punny cards

After wrapping up an internship this summer, I made some cards for people in the office. I love a good pun. There’s not much else to say. 20 more words


Week 6 of Bridges Class

Our last class was also the first day of Dave’s vacation. So here finally are some pictures from that day. 23 more words

Two Books Retreats