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Direct to Watercolor Part 1 of 4 : First Breakthrough

At the moment I’m out of town visiting the old stomping grounds in Alberta. The next four posts are going to be about a recent three week watercolor sketching project. 336 more words


Dabbling in Watercolor

A very senior artist had commented that if you can master watercolors you can master any medium. So I dabble around in the medium trying to tame it but it is too wild a medium to be tamed!! A mind of its own!!


Thank you. Plain and Simple. Thank you.

Reporting from the art front, I am pretty sure I can officially declare myself -exhausted!

I am still trying to catch my breath from my amazing art show Saturday. 397 more words


Botched Self Portrait

I recently got back into watercolor painting, and this is the first project I’ve done in a while! It started out as a self portrait, but I started to mess up and figured I’d go rogue.


Bridge in Context

We observed that nature and humanity are very much in a partnership along the parkway.  It is hard to say which predominates.  If we quit mowing and trimming, Nature would predominate along the Yahara River parkway.   46 more words

Two Books Retreats