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Strolling Backwards And Forwards

Welcome back!  Good to see you.

I’ve enjoyed my break, making new work and reorganizing my cyber space.  I’ll be dropping by your space very soon. 68 more words


Freestyle (Abstract)

Usually I pencil sketch before a drop of paint hits the paper.  Not this time.  I loaded up my favorite brush with black paint and free-handed the lines (except for the circles & border) and then let the colors come as I filled the piece in.   58 more words

Watercolor Woodpecker

Another watercolor bird! The other day I was trying to decide what paint, when I heard the woodpecker in the yard. Since finishing my daisy, 63 more words



This is a watercolor painting I did around 2012 winter.

I think this is the most recent watercolor painting of mine…..

I’m not really a big fan of watercolor :/


Vegan Art Supplies Part 2: Paints and Brushes

Let’s talk paint, primarily watercolour paint.

Many watercolours are not vegan, and in the case of some brands, NONE of their paints are vegan, because they contain ox gall (obtained from the stomachs of cows). 964 more words