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Painting on Yupo

I love this synthetic paper. It’s made for watercolors. It’s freeing and forgiving and so much fun! I saw a demonstration a few weeks ago and I couldn’t wait to give it a try. 60 more words


Watercolor pours

What a color pouring is a new and interesting technique that I have discovered. I found this a few years ago but couldn’t find any information on anywhere finally after much research and hunting on the Internet I found the technique and detailed instructions. 148 more words


Watercolor Selfie

Instead of taking a selfie pic with my cel phone I decided to paint my selfie in watercolor. It’s a real challenge, try it.

Watercolor Montauk Daisies - Lifting Color

I took the reference photo for this paintingĀ in our yard. I really worked this painting! I kept going back in and adding color. Good thing I’m using watercolor paper these days! 241 more words


Another Look at the Window Over Door 418

It is still a work in progress, having set it aside for a bit, but the holiday fruits at Corley’s are still inspiring me to come back quite often.

LucyJ's Artwork


Watercolor is complex. So I am always happy when I can paint a simple picture with watercolor, when I do not have to worry about what color to mix with what and what and etc. 10 more words