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Dear Whoever-You-Are, Quit stealing my stuff!

While I have not kept this blog up on a regular basis, it seems the trolling internet thieves have been quite busy. Several of my COPYRIGHT PROTECTED images have been stolen from this blog site. 102 more words


Caturday is Everyday

I’m excited to present the first of my guest kitty posts that I’ve dedicated to Marc-Andre’s informative and fun blog, Katzenworld!  Marc features stories about cats, cat products, and information about cat health. 43 more words


Nebula Watercolor Painting

Nebula’s aka interstellar clouds of dust in space are fascinating to see via telescope imagery. This is my first attempt at making such a piece and I hope you enjoy. 44 more words


The Generosity of the Orange Tree

I have not painted in a while as I was busy with yoga and meditation practise as well as a whole lot of other distractions. Sometimes, I balk at painting because I have a perfectionist attitude. 364 more words



title: homeland
using watercolor
30 x 42 cm watercolor paper



title: transition
the sky’s changing from daylight to night

medium: wet on wet watercolor
material: A3 watercolor paper