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Yet Another Leaf

Today’s experiment

I found a photograph of an interesting leaf arrangement located next to the red leaf I painted last week.

Just like the… 221 more words

Personal Stories

Orion Nebula or Bust's Very First Printing!

I’m proud to share with you another first print of  ‘Orion Nebula or Bust.”

This is printed on a pink cotton t-shirt and I can’t wait to wear it! 47 more words

Art for Functionality

I am a huge advocate for functional art. But what is “functional art?

Functional art is art that is made for everyday use. It could range from graphic t-shirts to skateboard art to eclectic furniture. 484 more words


Love Shines

Aloha Friends! I created this piece as a reminder of the amazing Precepts Upon Precepts Bible study I just completed on Spiritual Gifts. Wow! I highly recommend it (and even hope to teach it (!!!) at my church next fall). 66 more words


Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday / Birthday Card
this was originally made for my husband’s birthday in Feb, however since yesterday was my Aunt’s birthday, and last week was my own, I think it’s fitting I add these little guys up here from my backlog of items for this digital scrapbook o mine. 35 more words


Stepping Lightly on the Earth

Houzz Tour: Going Completely Off the Grid in Nova Scotia

My dream is to someday build an off-grid (or at least grid-tied)  strawbale house in the country preferably overlooking the Bay of Fundy or the Atlantic on a lovely plot of land – and seeing as I am dreaming here – I also want a grove a trees (some of them copper beech), a babbling brook with rainbow trout and a field of daisies, flax and aster.  1,144 more words