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The Vanishing Act

What a spectacular vanishing act you’ve pulled, my darling.

So spectacular in fact, that we are all waiting for a reappearance just so we can burst into applause.



OK, I admit it; I’m all over the place when it comes to working on my writing and art. I’ve got so many projects going on that my head is spinning.   402 more words

Susan Faith Corl

Art Giveaway/Thank you!

So somehow people find my blog interesting and i’ve got over a 1,000 views! 
I am so stoked about this and as a thank you I decided to do a little giveaway!  76 more words

Technique: A little of everything

The final day of stretch your stamps 2 featured a small ‘hello friend’ stamp which instructors used in a variety of ways.

I took my inspiration from there to do a bunch of different things I learned across the class. 153 more words

Stretch Your Stamps 2

Together, Again! Do you like my hat?

My friend who commissioned this painting suggested that the sister wear a hat, so here are a couple of hats for her to wear.  Which one do you think she would wear to a patio get-together with family? 70 more words


African Lady

My thirteen year old son will be going on a weeklong school trip.  At the information meeting this week, teachers were soothing parents’ concerns about safety and assuring us all that they were well organized to handle the 320 students they will be taking to a remote island in Indonesia. 487 more words