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I’m one of those people that can honestly say I enjoy the little things in life. Give me a quite day with tea and the sound of rain and I will be content for a week.   471 more words

Art Competition

Do You Like Scary Movies?

No, really do you?

I love scary movies, so naturally I was watching one the other night. One I saw in the theater but rented to watch again called The Conjuring. 76 more words


daily pimp

I had been drawing these single line drawings of birds from an old calendar to learn to simplify real life objects. I’ve always been sketching therefore it is difficult for me to un-realise things, thus the exercise. 42 more words


MORE detail on the 4 life drawing framed pieces I mentioned in previous post

IN the dining room gallery. The one to upper left, a watercolor sketch, multiple warm up 2 minute poses on one sheet

More productivity

A couple more from this last weekend . I felt like I was in the zone , a100% success rate as far as watercolors . I didn’t want the weekend to be over , but alas , i was destined to go back to the daily grind…


my daring adventure

Ok,ok …don’t get all excited, it’s just me…no parachute jumping, no high wire ( well besides the just a day in my life sort)…no, just me playing with digital…which might not sound like a big deal to anyone besides my dinosaur pals, but for anyone who knows me…I’ve gone into the digital age kicking and screaming. 113 more words