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Stork Family

Inspired by Kainet’s photo “home with free electricity” – click on the sketchbook-drawing below to read more…


"Coffee Is For Closers"

(Quick- name that movie!)

I’ve been inspired all morning. I woke up late (which these days is 7:53 AM), but in time to take my niece to school. 306 more words


White Collar Job

every morning my Dutch friend Akbar Simonse has a lot of work with his flat-iron to make a perfect white-collar


Meditation On Six Strings

I like to play banjo, guitar, bass, Dobro etc. visit my soundcloud at

my soundcloud chronology:



I like to draw daily into my sketchbook, it’s a kind of self-portrait (“Frizz, philosopher”), the first I’ve ever made. The painting in the background on the wall is related to the Swiss artist and architect Max Bill R.I.P..