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Movin too Fast

It’s sometimes true that you can move too fast. When chasing a thing that you want, and think you need, neglecting something that you already have. 96 more words

On Life

The First Few Days in Vang Vieng

The People that make up Fruit Friends and UBELONG—Vang Vieng

It’s quite the operation here in the Fruit Friends house. Things are organized in a western way, but completed in the Lao way. 1,145 more words

Below Bruarfoss

Bruárfoss is pretty. There’s no way else to describe it. When you’re on the bridge looking at the ice blue water, “Damn….that’s pretty.” will come out of your face at some point, in whatever language you choose. 59 more words

The Little Summit

On my second trip to Moran State Park, I decided to strike out for the Little Summit. Not the highest point of Mt. Constitution, the Little Summit is nevertheless a respectable elevation, and was more feasible for me to reach on foot. 105 more words

Fired up

Take a flash and make it glow.