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Muskegon, December 6th, am I spoiled? Part II

This post is a continuation about a trip that I made to Muskegon on December 6th, in which I asked myself if I’m spoiled by all the wildlife that I’m able to photograph. 2,225 more words


Wildlife Up Close: Ringed Teal Ducks

Definitely not ducks you’d see in a Metro Vancouver pond are these Ringed Teals — South American natives — at the Vancouver Aquarium. We saw about 6-7 drakes in the Amazonian exhibit. 27 more words


Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas, and hope that the holidays find you in happy places, whether at home with family and friends, or out in the field enjoying the generous wonders of nature.

Neil Beltran

Bufflehead Pair

I always like to see male/female bird pairs next to each other…especially ducks.  It makes for a nice image, and also shows the species plumage as a whole.  48 more words


Wildlife Up Close: Lesser Scaup

This gallery contains 3 photos. Lesser Scaups look like carbon copies of Greater Scaups (down to the black and white plumage, blue bills and yellow eyes) — except that the latter are smaller, and have a bump on the back of their heads. 105 more words


The Loon

Sometimes a creature grabs you from the inside and holds you. It might be a particular flower whose beauty is translated to your heart. It might be a shimmering butterfly that dances in your mind’s eye. 333 more words


Hardly Working.

By Eric Mathes.

The best part of being a dog guy is that the work is never done. Crash and I are always working. We’ve been working since the very beginning. 843 more words