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Springtime Waterfowl

It’s ice-out season and we are keeping our eyes peeled for new arrivals on the lakes. This past week Lake Hiawatha lost its cap of ice, and Lake Harriet has patches of open water big enough to draw Wood Ducks and the first Loons we’ve seen this year. 26 more words


Thursday Barks and Bytes--Back To Winter And More

Tuesday morning we work up to this:

Yep.  More snow.

In fact with that heavy wet snow, we broke the seasonal snowfall record that was set in 1880-81.  368 more words

Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Top 5 nature movies about animals (with video)

The old Hollywood saying is that you should never work with kids or animals is absolutely true: They’re guaranteed to upstage an ordinary mortal. By the same token, they make a ton of money, which means we’re going to see a lot more of both for a long time to come. 429 more words


Hooded Mergansers & Feeding Adaptations

Although most of New England has Hooded Mergansers year round, we see them most frequently in the spring and fall, when Canadian-nesting individuals are migrating north. 103 more words


Common Loon

The naturalist John Muir, who knew the Common Loon during his early years in Wisconsin, described its call as “one of the wildest and most striking of all the wilderness sounds, a strange, sad, mournful, unearthly cry, half laughing, half wailing.” Expert divers, loons have eyes that can focus both in air and under water and nearly solid bones that make them heavier than many other birds; they are able to concentrate oxygen in their leg muscles to sustain them during the strenuous paddling that can take them as far as 200 feet (60 meters) below the surface. 187 more words


Swan hunting among controversial issues before Wisconsin Conservation Congress

MIKE IVEY | The Capital Times

A proposal to allow the hunting of tundra swans, along with a rule to allow hunters to retrieve hound dogs on private property without landowner permission, are shaping up as two of the most controversial questions before state outdoors users Monday. 781 more words

Endangered Species