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Realtree Kilroy

In keeping with the product release theme, another new offering this year from Jackson Kayak will be a Realtree edition Kilroy.  This boat comes loaded with features that all hunters will enjoy, but I see it being especially useful for my duck hunting friends. 294 more words


Existential angst

A strange juxtaposition is occurring down at the water’s edge. Just when the native waterfowl thought it was safe to bask amongst the toxic algae of the once formidable old dock, dual threats emerge to challenge the meaning of their very existence. 157 more words


Get your ducks in a row

The idiomatic meaning of this strange saying is to get one’s affairs in order, to get organized before some big event, like a trip around the world. 350 more words


Surprise! I've Sighted Whistling Ducks!

This pair of Black-bellied Whistling Ducks are the first “Whistlers” I have ever seen in person.  I have been virtually observing the antics of Whistlers via my blog friend Tex’s blog, “The Run Around Ranch Blog”, and have always wanted to see these comical, lovely, smart wild ducks myself.   206 more words

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Southbound shorebirds in the fall migration

Fall migrants are on the increase with more southbound shorebirds reported from various locations in Eastern Ontario and the Outaouais.  On July 22, 10 species were observed in the Embrun and Casselman area including six Stilt Sandpiper, one Short-billed Dowitcher, two Semipalmated Plover, one Greater Yellowlegs and nine Lesser Yellowlegs.   696 more words


White Ducks on a Ramp

A funny photo of cute ducks, scrambling down a ramp, and practically tripping over each other to get to the nearby pond and away from the person taking their photo.


Canada Goose Feather

A lovely photograph of a small goose feather that has floated down onto the grass oh so gently.