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Muskegon Nov. 9th, 2014, shooting in the rain

This post is about the trip that I made to Muskegon on November 9th, 2014, and it will be a relatively short post compared to some of the others that I have done recently. 1,809 more words


Quote for the Week

“There is… a deeper sense of understanding, accomplishment and downright pleasure that accompanies the ability to look at a knot of birds on the horizon and say with conviction, ‘Mallards,’ or ‘Brant.” … 8 more words


Terrifying Bay

I had another terrifying experience in Deep Bay, minutes ago. What could be more terrifying than coming across a hunting a cougar?

Coming across a hunting lion! 692 more words

Muskegon Nov. 2nd, 2014 Ducks and raptors galore

This post is about the trip that I made to Muskegon on November 2nd, 2014, the same weekend as my last post from Pickerel Lake. It was the last nice weekend this year as far as weather, it’s been getting progressively wetter and colder since then. 1,953 more words


Common Mergansers Migrating

Common Mergansers are hardy, fish-eating, cavity-nesting ducks that can be found in New England year round, as they winter as far north as open water allows. 211 more words


Red-necked Grebe-inspired lifer dance!

It’s getting harder to add life birds to my list when I don’t GO anywhere. Red-necked Grebe is one reliable migratory visitor I should have had a while ago. 178 more words


Pros and Cons of a Waterfowl Retriever

There are many reasons to have a dog as your companion out in the woods but there are some things that make hunting more difficult with a dog. 787 more words

Waterfowl Hunting