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Blue Winged Teal Ducks

This flock of Blue Winged Teal ducks was spotted on a large pond in Levy County, Florida on November 15, 2014.  I was traveling back from my adventure at Cedar Key and saw this flock on the water a bit of distance from the highway.   76 more words

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dream backyard

My backyard is relatively unused.  During our first few years as homeowners I have used the backyard a few dozen times.  Most of the time those were spent on our small 8×10 slab where my smoker/grill is parked. 382 more words


Northern Shovelers

Northern Shovelers are an uncommon duck, but a small group of them returns to a Mill Pond nearby every year.  They are unmistakable among ducks for their massive bills which they use for scooping and filtering food from the shallows.  24 more words


Tundra Swans, Lambton County

These majestic creatures (Cygnus columbianus, link to AllAboutBirds from Cornell Lab of Ornithology) are quite shy and keep a healthy distance from humans. 17 more words


The Scavenger

I’ve always felt like a natural scavenger myself. Not in the behavior of eating as some animals but in the broader universal concept of survival. 518 more words

Muskegon Nov. 9th, 2014, shooting in the rain

This post is about the trip that I made to Muskegon on November 9th, 2014, and it will be a relatively short post compared to some of the others that I have done recently. 1,809 more words


Quote for the Week

“There is… a deeper sense of understanding, accomplishment and downright pleasure that accompanies the ability to look at a knot of birds on the horizon and say with conviction, ‘Mallards,’ or ‘Brant.” … 8 more words