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Surprise! I've Sighted Whistling Ducks!

This pair of Black-bellied Whistling Ducks are the first “Whistlers” I have ever seen in person.  I have been virtually observing the antics of Whistlers via my blog friend Tex’s blog, “The Run Around Ranch Blog”, and have always wanted to see these comical, lovely, smart wild ducks myself.   206 more words

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White Ducks on a Ramp

A funny photo of cute ducks, scrambling down a ramp, and practically tripping over each other to get to the nearby pond and away from the person taking their photo.


Canada Goose Feather

A lovely photograph of a small goose feather that has floated down onto the grass oh so gently.


I Fly Because I Love You

I am Freedom,
Your Lover-Never-Gone.
Whenever you see my sister or brother,
an agent on the wing,
that’s me, telling you…

“I fly because I love you…” 8 more words


Ducking Sunday

For the 12th weekend we headed to Belfast, not a normal trip for most people from Northern Ireland, the majority usually head the opposite direction. We had good reason, as it was our anniversary and we’d planned to abandon the kids with my parents over night on the 14th for some well deserved rest. 496 more words

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Hooded Mergansers Fledglings are Dispersing

Within 24 hours of hatching, Hooded Merganser ducklings leap anywhere from 8 -90 feet from their arboreal cavity nest down to their mother, who is calling to them from the water below. 99 more words



A serene scene as a swan floats atop reflecting water while a foot bridge looks inviting in the background. Taken at St. Elizabeth’s Village in Hamilton, Ontario.