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Photo of the Day - 2014-12-21

The view from Waubuno Road as you approach the Old Town Beach looking toward Parry Island. The structure you are looking through is the ‘trestle’ that supports the Rotary Algonquin Regiment Fitness Trail, formerly part of the rail line that ran through Parry Sound. 14 more words

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Snowflake Season in Vancouver

Sunday afternoon ‘Hot Rum’ yacht racers on English Bay facing drifting condition in mid-December. All they need is an audience!

….while shoppers shop near Vancouver’s waterfront…never far from saltchuck, the city’s core is on a (dozen blocks deep) slim peninsula.

The Ups and Downs of Our Time in DaNang

It’s hard to know where to begin writing about my first 10 days in Vietnam.

I was fortunate to have kind, generous family come to see me on this part of my trip who treated me to an unbelievable break from the backpacker lifestyle. 914 more words


Photo of the Day - 2014-12-20

A bit further along the Rotary Algonquin Regiment Fitness Trail you come across this boat house. I haven’t seen it used in the many times I’ve walked by. 31 more words

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Photo of the Day - 2014-12-19

It’s not always easy to get on the trails out of town, but there is little excuse for not walking along the Rotary Algonquin Regiment Fitness Trail in Parry Sound. 26 more words

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