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Whatever happened to journalism? there was a time when journalists dug into a story like badger rooting out a meal from the dirt. It was the tenacity of journalists in pursuit of the truth that lead to the downfall of president Nixon following the Watergate events. 331 more words


The 1970s began after the very end of 1969 and the very beginning of 1970; This decade very pretty much filled with everything: The Watergate scandal, the oil crisis in 1973, the Disco craze that only escalated with the release of… 295 more words


Brinkley's Omission is Sad

I consider Douglas Brinkley one of the top biographers of our time.  He has rapidly risen up the list.  Most recently, I thought his work, … 171 more words

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40th Anniversary of Watergate Impeachment Vote, How Times Have Changed

40th Anniversary of Vote on Articles of Impeachment

Today is the 40th anniversary of the vote on the First Articles of Impeachment against President Nixon which charged that… 260 more words

Republican Party

'Reclaim your credibility': Sarah Palin challenges 'bunch of wusses' at Washington Post

Sarah Palin has made her case for the impeachment of President Obama, and today she blasted the Washington Post for failing to focus on digging up the truth behind what this administration dismisses as… 244 more words

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Anon Again

By Casey Bukro

Anonymous sources — used by media and by government officials — came up again in a New York Daily News piece by James… 394 more words

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Who Is This Guy? Don't know? Guess.

Who is this famous person?  You’ve got 24 hours to guess.

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