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Corvus corax

Common Ravens are one of my favorite animals because of their intelligence, curiosity and flying acrobatic skills.  I’ve been working on the Cabeza Prieta NWR for the last few weeks and set up my camera on the of the wildlife drinkers we maintain.   23 more words


Snapshot Sunday - The waterhole

You don’t often see water in the images on Snapshot Serengeti, but this eland has found a nice little waterhole for some refreshment. Let’s hope there are no large predators with the same idea! 11 more words

Citizen Science

Hidden Pool

Hidden Pool

The way the light was striking this hidden pool in the creek caught my eye on this day. It is located at the far edge of my property and something about the light was different to the other times I’ve been there. 18 more words


My Namesakes

A few of my namesakes at Mkhuze this weekend.

Did you spot the two old rhinos in the shade under the tree? Click on the pic (you’ll also see how dry it was – the “water” is pure mud).