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The Art of Hydration

You wouldn’t think of the word art when you think about watering your plants but a case can be made that there is some level of expertise necessary.  981 more words

Urban Farming

Not THAT Kind of Water

So remember my plants? The little half-dead seedlings from the Plant Hospital that my mom was helping me to resurrect? Well, it turns out they need… 332 more words


A Tip To Help Potting Soil Absorb Water

By Phran Novelli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Every time I mention this, someone says, ‘I didn’t know that!’ So, here I go again.

Do you ever pour water on dry potting soil and it just floats on top until the water overflows and brown soil bits run down all over the side of the pot and make a mess…but the soil still isn’t wet? 129 more words

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Favourite Object from the Collection

Here we all are in this morning’s team meeting with our favourite objects. Kate had a shark’s jaw bone with some nasty looking teeth, Steve had a copy of the Salford register because it had details of the most important ethnographic objects in the Museum collection, Phil had some parasitic  flies, Campbell part of an ivory chariot fitting, Rachel had some saffron, Lindsey had some rubber stamps, Henry a mounted Ross’ gull and I took along a post-medieval watering can made of fired clay (accession no.

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Ancient Worlds

Rachel reblogged this on Herbology Manchester and commented:

[caption id="attachment_2614" align="aligncenter" width="225"]Watering the Museum allotment Watering the Museum allotment[/caption] As it reaches the time of year when the Museum allotment is always thirsty, I thought I'd share this post from Bryan Sitch (Curator of Archaeology) about his favourite object from the collection......

The Young Visitors

We had a fabulous sunset last night.  After yet another cloudy start to the morning things gradually improved so that by early afternoon it was bright and much warmer than of late, though still with a stiff northerly breeze.   686 more words

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