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Going to my water polo training in Belgium in our club we have the 11th best player in Belgium the club is called Poseidon it’s the best club in Belgium, cool 😎 isn’t it


I also really like football and waterpolo, in real life I do waterpolo. I did football before but I gave up because it was too much and I had to choose one so I chose waterpolo

My friends won't come swimming with me

Dear Aunty Em,

I really love swimming but my friends never want to come with me… I bet if they came to the pool they’d have a really good time but I can’t convince them to go :(

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Post #1

Hey guys. So as the first post on here I’d like to say that this was merely set up to provide to my team the costumes that they wanted, at a price I’d be happy to pay…but…this can have anything on it, so just email me (Contact Tab) with any suggestions…cheers!


Turkey Lacrosse Open: Waterslides and waterpolo

We didn’t have any games Friday morning so we could sleep in. I think both Boobs and I really needed that and we didn’t get up until ten. 1,905 more words