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WATER - What are we doing?

In an effort to alleviate the droughts, we are pumping water out of the ground that can’t be replaced.  Aquifer water supplies half of our fresh water needs, but as we continue to pump it out of the ground, a looming crisis is just around the corner. 787 more words


Restoring Access to Drinking Water and Addressing Nonpoint Source Pollution in Ohio

On November 29th, The Guardian published a story on Ohio’s efforts to control nonpoint source water pollution emanating from farmland on the shores of Lake Erie that is currently threatening the drinking water supply of over 400,000 people. 1,150 more words

Water Contamination

Deep Regionalism


Chapter 3 in Ecology and the Architectural Imagination- Brook Muller

From Post Carbon Reader- Edited by Richard Heinberg and Daniel Lerch

Chapter 7 Water: Adapting to a New Normal- Sandra Postel… 407 more words