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Watership Down and Journey to Ixtlan

I believe that we shape our destinies through our choice of thoughts and actions.

I also believe that living this way is difficult but worth striving for. 709 more words

Carding Vermont

On Watership Down's folk tales and the humanity of rabbits


Tonight, in Watership Down, Hazel and the gang settle into their warren, get told a folk tale, and lick Holly’s wounds. The story’s all about the time when Prince Rainbow sent a spy to live among the rabbits and their folk hero, El-ahrairah, managed to oust him and his ambitions of seizing the rule of all rabbits with the help of a hedgehog and a pheasant. 735 more words


Trouble surely brews over Watership Down


Along with plenty of small detail, the next two chapters of Watership Down work to explain what happened to Sandleford, the rabbits’ original warren. 942 more words


First Impressions of Watership Down in Watership Down

So it seems that a “down” is more of a hill or rolling bit of landscape than I’d thought before.

It might seem a minor detail, but to the rabbits travelling with Hazel and Fiver, a down’s hilliness is important for the vantage that it offers. 506 more words


Favourite Charaters

I’ve spent a lot of last week reading. Having a cold sucked a lot, (especially since it was only my second week in my nice new job and I was gross and grumpy) but one of the upsides was that I took as much time as possible to rest and thus had some time to catch up on my reading. 459 more words


Rabbit Season

I just finished the book Watership Down, and I now have an entirely different outlook on those fluffy little things called rabbits. Formerly, they were merely cute little animals I wanted to hug – now I see storytellers, soldiers, prophets, inventors, chieftains, folk heroes. 113 more words


Full Circle

“I only know the joy of diving into the pure and essential world of the story.” ~ Kris Faatz

A few days ago, a writer friend and I traded sympathy about the process.

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Black Stallion