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Travelling To Watership Down: a book review of Richard Adams's classic Watership Down

Richard Adams’s classic “children’s” tale Watership Down, published in 1972, is an absolute gem. I say “children’s” because while the plot might seem childish at first glance, as it does revolve around a group of rabbits, it is no Beatrix Potter – but don’t get me wrong, I do love me some Peter Rabbit. 880 more words


The Baddest Bunny of All

I loved the film Watership Down as a kid. For many reasons, but I think because it was likely one of the first animated, aimed-at-children stories that had some serious life and death aspects to it. 691 more words


A little review?

After 3 days of absence, and I didn’t wish to leave you 3 days without my posts, I come to talk a bit about some political books. 391 more words


Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed [P]

WATERSHIP DOWN is a classic adventure novel by English Author Richard Adams. Published in 1972 and winning a host of literary awards including the Guardian Prize. 334 more words

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Top 10 -- The Books That Stay With Me -- Gabriel Valdez

One thing we noticed when putting together these lists is that Vanessa’s had seven women writers. Mine only has two. Cleopatra’s and Eden’s lists had three. 1,353 more words

Top 10


by Robert Repino

Soho Press (Jan.2015) Hardcover, 368 pages

“I’ve seen this evil up close. I’ve seen what a human can do when he is cornered and praying to his God for deliverance.

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Banned Books: A Love Story With Too Many Parts

In case you haven’t heard, this is banned book week. It’s a time to celebrate the works that other people think you shouldn’t read. Because their judgement is superior to yours, of course. 1,428 more words