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Trivia Thursday wants a carrot

 In Richard Adams’ Watership Down, who is the leader of the rabbits?

A. Hazel

B. Bigwig

C. The Threarah

D. Fiver

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Battlestar Galactica with buck teeth: Watership Down

This is a piece on Richard Adam’s Watership Down, first published in Death Ray #19 in 2009.

This tale of fluffy bunnies owes far more to Virgil’s… 1,677 more words


Watership Down

What a treat it is to find a book like Watership Down. Richard Adams wrote for the child in me while simultaneously exploring mature themes. 441 more words


A hare's death

The half-wildcat (that is half-tolerated in camp by The Wonder Dog) brought a freshly-killed scrub hare into the tent at one o’clock this morning and hid it under our bed. 166 more words


But first they must catch you

The temperature dropped last night. A howling wind took out the power, it was lights out until mid-morning. Luckily I have a gas stove. A turn of the knob and a match to ignite it, minutes later I had a tea kettle bubbling full of boiled water.  171 more words


To Hold Up a Mirror and Make It So

When the rabbits started to die, I didn’t understand what was going on.

As I continued to read, I was as confused and lost as the characters in the story. 517 more words

Ten Books

Nominations have been going round on facebook for a variety of things. I have been nominated to list 10 books that have in some way changed me or simply stuck with me. 596 more words

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