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Jen's Book Club

I’m going back in time on this one, because nostalgia has me in its grubby hands today. Does anybody remember those newspapery order forms teachers gave out every couple of months for book ordering? 308 more words

Book Club

Watership Down Shoes

AKA “The Harrowing Shoes”.

I bought these harrowing beauties at Glastonbury Festival last month for £20.

It was only upon closer inspection that I realised they weren’t just “ooh yay bunny shoes!”, they were in fact “oh no, death bunny shoes!”.

Still, freakin’ fabulous.


Reading Up the Down

Time to start the reviews again!  Today is the day for something special! 

And by special, I mean Watership Down by Richard Adams.  Not the movie, to clarify.   197 more words

Modern Classic

White Rabbit

A long “short version” of our life with rabbits:

Watership Down was William’s favorite book. Stephen read it to him three or four times. He would emerge from bedtime reading, thrilled that William loved the book and in tears at the sad parts. 823 more words

Friends And Family

BBC, are you insane?!

BBC are to “adapt” Watership Down for a “family friendly” time slot.

God no! Are you fucking insane?! That film gave me nightmares for MONTHS when I was a kid! 73 more words

Odds And Ends

Five Classics to Reread

I admit, sometimes the only reason I’ll pick up a piece of classic literature is because I feel like I “have” to read it. (And sometimes I really did have to read it, for school.) I suffered through The Scarlet Letter. 300 more words

Abuzz for a Triumphant Debut: The Bees by Laline Paull

The Bees by Laline Paull
HarperCollins Publishers Ltd, 2014
340 pages, $21.99

“With a fine fierce sound the foragers unlatched their wings and the house bees cheered them on as they ran for the landing board, bright and steaming as the clouds released the sun.” 494 more words