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One Flew Into The Cuckoo’s Nest

I was twelve the first time I went. Back then it was the giant water slides that impressed me. Zinc-nosed, wet hair plastered to my face, I’d be that kid who couldn’t say no to a dare and end up being ousted by security (a whistle-toting teenager) for wedging myself sideways in the slide, causing my fellow funsters to pile up behind me like drunks at a traffic school. 784 more words


Childhood Poem #1


We had a narrow stairwell

In the home I grew up in

It was like a water slide

With a handrail that wobbled

And I would literally fly… 26 more words


"Downspout Re-route" - a nonsense poem

“Downspout Re-route”

The gutters on my roof are waterslides

that spiral ’round my house on all four sides.

There is squeaking when it rains

and mice scroll past my windowpanes, 9 more words


Avalanche Waterslides Creates Slide With A LOOP & Record Breaking Vertical Drop! (VIDEO)

Nope, nope, nope. If you ever seen me near this crazy thing, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! It is because the zombie apocalypse is going down and I have no where else to hide. 171 more words


Turkey Lacrosse Open: Waterslides and waterpolo

We didn’t have any games Friday morning so we could sleep in. I think both Boobs and I really needed that and we didn’t get up until ten. 1,905 more words