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Water Water Water

No bathing for this family today. No hot water.

When I think back on it, water has been quite the theme for the past few years, dripping from office ceilings, flooding through my city, pouring from the office ceiling, bursting pipes in another office, freezing in the house pipes… And now leaking out the top of the hot water tank. 91 more words


Well, it was Mothers’ Day recently so I indulged myself and rustled up some family to visit one of my favourite beaches in Wales – Mewslade on the Gower, Wales. 620 more words

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Starry, starry night

Nothing much went wrong this weekend, which was a refreshing change, so together with the sunshine, warmth, bike rides, flowers, bees, butterflies, birdsong, frogs and the prospect of many hundreds of tadpoles in the pond, it was all pretty good. 169 more words

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Jazz Hands

There are days when cycling is all about facing the elements alone with your music (sssshhh don’t tell anyone.. it’s only plugged in the nearside ear and it’s on quiet) and your thoughts. 725 more words

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