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Mashed Song Lyrics

Smile like you have fishhooks in the corners of your mouth,
laugh until your ribs get tired,
shake the demons out,
and when it feels like your hair is on fire, it’s buzz cut season anyway. 10 more words


Wounded Healer

A little change from posting photography.
Found Watsky on Pandora and damn, one of my new favorite rappers.
Pretty good song, I advise you to listen to it.
Really gets me thinking..

Ten Fingers - George Watsky

Just really feel to share this with you. Nice song. :)
(George Watsky’s awesome!)

Modern Living

music and honesty

Justin Beiber is phenomenally famous. There is no use denying it, even as painful as it is. Beiber posted videos on to YouTube and was discovered and turned into a worldwide star. 539 more words

Warped Tour Announces Twelve Bands

Warped Tour has announced TWELVE more bands added to this year’s lineup! There only is a few more announcements left, so check out all who have been announced so far. 308 more words



A few years ago Watsky dropped A New Kind of Sexy¬†and I decided to download it. I think I found out about him on tumblr when I saw his “Show Goes On” remix. 75 more words

Throwback Thursday


The very belated video about procrastinating is strangely appropriate. And I fully support the revival of the crimped hair trend.