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Have you read "Letters to Myself" on wattpad yet?!?!

This is my first non-fiction book that asks the question, If you could write letters to your past self, what would you tell yourself?

This novella/some-what autobiography is filled with letters that I would write to myself at different stages of my life. 17 more words



Bonjour! Ça va bien? Je l’espère et que vous avez mangé beaucoup de bonbons.

I apologize for my absence. I’ve been somewhat of a hermit and keeping to myself lately. 236 more words

Creative Writing

A New Type of Writing

I have pretty much grown up in the generation where the Internet virtually dominates are lives. If you have never thought about it, just stop for a second and think of all the things you wouldn’t be able to do without the access to Internet. 309 more words

In The Hands Of Fate

Planning Forever After - 5. A Little Accident

New update in “Planning Forever After”, A Little Accident.

Circus ex-performer Didier Bouchard shoves Autumn on the floor accidentally while carrying some boxes. Looking past his appearance, Autumns offers him a temporary job as helping hand in Morgan Events.

5. A Little Accident


Moonlight House - 31. Back in Town

New update in “Moonlight House”, Back in Town.

Sam’s parents, who he hasn’t seen in three years, pay him a surprise visit at Moonlight House. What will be Sam’s reaction when he sees them?

31. Back in Town