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Ex Bestfriend [Part 1]


day 1: siapapun, tolong selamatkan aku dari mimpi buruk ini.

Aku memandangi bangunan aneh didepanku. Lalu mengalihkan pandanganku kearah kertas lusuh yang ada di tanganku. 1,167 more words


Black Flame Chapter 8

(Maybell, Oregon.)

“How is it going in town,”Scott asks Jared. Scott spent most of the morning calling his contacts around North America, and he only learned what he suspected: most of the U.S has been hit by at least one type of attack. 1,380 more words

Black Flame Chapter Seven

(Sherman’s Hills, Oregon)

“So, tell me what happened again?”asks the well-built Sergeant Eric Gardener to the three men in front of him. His office is lit by lanterns since Sherman’s Hills is having another power outage. 990 more words

Black Flame Chapter Six

(Bandorian Military Base, Texas)

“What the hell just happened!”yells Major Tomas Kain to the rest of the command unit of Bandorian Military Base.

This base is part of a chain of bases that is in charge of defending the homeland. 1,056 more words

My Bad Writing

I have a confession. Can you keep a secret?

I googled myself.

I know, that’s pretty lame and narcissistic or whatever, but I was curious. While scrolling through the results, I stumbled upon my old Wattpad account that I have not touched in years. 262 more words