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Show Complete

What a fantastic three months. Here are three parting photography of my Wave Hill exhibition. The wall of leaves got packed down to one plastic tub, the bears, coyote, and lean-to rolled up, and the plants piled up. 260 more words

Hilary Lorenz

An Outback Nurse

An Outback Nurse out the back of my house

Thea Hayes
Allen and Unwin
Published October 2014

Thank you to the publisher for
providing this book in exchange
for an honest review. 440 more words
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Last Two Days

This is it, the last two days of my exhibition at Wave Hill and at the Printmaking Center of New Jersey. I will be at Wave Hill on Sunday from noon to 4, please stop by to say “hello.” After that I am packing up and headed out west for my next project. 16 more words

Hilary Lorenz

Natural history museums: fact or fiction?

What goes into the making of natural history dioramas? And how do these dioramas inform us? My first piece for Scienceline explores the line between art and actuality in natural history displays. 68 more words

Science Writing

At Wave Hill in October

Where sometimes I bite off more than I can chew.

This is the second painting from Wave Hill that I started a few weeks ago. It’s a grand west-facing panorama that captures the New Jersey Palisades along with a picture-perfect sky. 150 more words


Wave Hill, South by Southwest

Visit often and don’t wait so long to return

During the past few weeks there have been many distractions that have prevented me from painting and I miss it. 194 more words


Meet the Artist, Sunday

This is it, meet the artist day at Wave Hill, November 16 at 1:30. My exhibition has been up since October 18th and I have met many a friend at Wave Hill for a nice tour, but this weekend is the big one, where everyone can come and help me celebrate the completion of this year long project. 97 more words

Hilary Lorenz