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Where are those waves

Where are those waves
That led me to
a Lush garden
Lulled by the warmth of my moon
Slip in lap …
And if I am still transported… 59 more words

Dawn days

There is nothing better than waking up early, getting to the beach, and watching the way the light interacts with the water and landscape. These are some more photos from my visit to Hastings Point – I’m super excited about this weekend as the weather is looking fantastic for Easter which means lots more early morning beach visits :-) Happy Easter everyone!


The Surfing Roots

There’s this feeling I get when we drive to the coast, as my Dad puts it “The bubble of excitement” as you hope to see lines making their way to the shore. 456 more words

Poem #9.... Consumed (Daily Poems-NPM)

Breathe in, Breathe out
The deep sighs bubble from within
Like a distant cry begging to escape.
The fluidity of the soft stream of air… 48 more words


Blood Moon + Surfing = Success!

What can I say…”My name is Kylie and I’m addicted to Surfing!” It’s an incurable disease that runs through the veins of many others around the world. 32 more words


Morgan's pier by alexrkv

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