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When I was a VAP

In line with my previous experiences in academia, shortly after I was told that I might have a few more years of future in my postdoc position, I got canned because the money on a major project got cut off.  925 more words


Not my body, love my soul....

A poem by a heartbroken lover who got separated from his love by death…


You know,

That day I didn’t meet you,

was the only mistake for which… 165 more words


If you write a paper in a forest, does anyone cite it?

I’m always trying to come to grips with my research productivity or lack thereof.  I’ve written about this topic before, but in the interest of having not all of my posts be negative, I decided to take a closer look the current holy grail of non-monetary judgment of scientific research productivity, the h-index.  1,009 more words


Albatrosses and other birds to flip

MoFo the albatross finally dislodged itself from around my neck, fell to the ground, and was deliciously broiled for dinner.  Tasted like chicken.  The stupid paper I was… 730 more words


Highlights of March 30th

- Waking up early after 3 hours of sleep last night……soooo tired!
- We had to go to Zandvoort, to run a 12k race, over the racetrack (car) and over the beach. 591 more words


The dog and pony show

One of the big advantages of working at a private higher ed institution, especially these days, is that we don’t have to rely on state legislatures (i.e., gangs of brainless twits) for funding.  781 more words


Baby Steps (or not)

Dear reader, my silence in the blogosphere of late should give you and indication of how busy the kid keeps me.

He is now nine months old. 411 more words