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Batara Guru

Finally I draw wayang after about 10 years. I drew it on high school (gosh, I think I’m getting old)

Why now?

Couple days ago, I went to batik store and saw a wayang. 236 more words


Sejarah Wayang

Terkadang di benak kita bertanya-tanya , kenapa ko wayang begitu terkenal dan juga dianggap sakral selain keindahan seni yang dipentaskanya,berikut da sedikit info setelah browsing dan tanya sana sini ,monggo di simak… 860 more words


Museum Marathon

Sabtu 19 April kemarin, seperti biasanya, gue pergi kencan dengan Babal.

Karena udah tanggal tua dan duit udah cekak banget, kami berpikir keras bisa kencan kemana ya dengan uang seadanya? 504 more words

Wayang Museum

Living in Indonesia has been an interesting learning experience for me in many ways, and one of the things that I’ve gained is a look into the country’s culture, which at times can be very different from my own. 651 more words

Alleyways and Authenticity

Authenticity is difficult to find in a commodifed environment. Even more so when travelling. More than once, however, I’ve stumbled upon it in unexpected side streets, which makes me think there is substance behind the allure of alleyways. 1,270 more words


Indonesia, Yogyakarta

What come through your mind, when you hear INDONESIA? Some of you may think, Bali, the place where you can surf anytime you want. Or Jakarta, the place for business man and business women. 291 more words

Puppet Show

Shot with an M8 and Summilux 35mm F1.4 ASPH