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#tbt: wayne gretzky & janet jones get married in edmonton - july 1988

26 years ago this month, edmonton was graced with an event that the canadian media dubbed ‘the royal wedding’ – and could you blame them? it was gretkzy’s heyday, and he was bringing a hollywood actress to edmonton as his bride. 88 more words


Wayne Gretzky's son plays against Whitecaps

COMSTOCK PARK, Mich (July 19, 2014) — Trevor Gretzky, the son of former NHL great Wayne Gretzky, is visiting West Michigan and playing against the West Michigan Whitecaps as a member of the Burlington Bees. 108 more words


"The highest compliment that you can pay me is to say that I work hard every day, that I never dog it." ~Wayne Gretzky

There is natural talent. I am sure Wayne had a fair amount of it.

He also learned that natural talent will only get you so far. 44 more words


After all, it's just business

Even though I’m a girl and I don’t live and breathe sports on a daily basis, it’s hard to not be curious as to LeBron James’s decision; which will be announced later, much later today. 527 more words


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July 12, 2014 In 2010, just a short four years ago, times were different. Or were they? I wrote this post about no matter how much fans are happy or upset about a player moving from one team to another, for the player it is business and their lives. After watching several 30 for 30 episodes from ESPN, I'm even more adamant about it. LeBron is far from the first pro athlete to make a decision, a big decision about THEIR career and life. Watch the 30 for 30 films about Wayne Gretzky and Ricky Williams. It's nothing new. Remember when Jordan (no need for a first name, you know who I'm talking about) decided to retire the first time? So how is LeBron any different?

Skate to the puck

This week’s quote comes from Wayne Gretzky.
I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been - Wayne Gretzky. 273 more words


ScuttlePuck Episode 5: Free Agency

Pete and I discuss the trades and Free Agent signings that happened over the past week.



One year later: The Bobby Ryan trade

By Thomas Harrington

Whenever a trade happens people immediately analyze and dissect it. One side is declared the winner and one side is declared the loser. 1,936 more words