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The Right to Bare Arms at all costs?

Following the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut in America in 2012, I did wonder if the tide may have turned and we might at last see more restrictions placed on gun ownership, to prevent these seemingly annual high profile shootings from reoccurring. 613 more words



On May 23, 2014 in Isla Vista, California, Elliot Rodger murdered six people and injured thirteen others before taking his own life.  These words are from his “manifesto” e-mailed moments after he began is killing spree: 619 more words

Gun Violence

Predictable scapegoat emerges for spread of Ebola (Hint: It begins with 'N' and ends with 'RA')

The Ebola outbreak has already been blamed on “climate change,” and you might be able to guess who’s next in line for scapegoating:

Ebola in the US and according to…

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"NRA Mad House Of Mirrors": The Scandalous Dirty Laundry That Will Not Get Hung Out To Air

We live in a post 9/11 society that has harnessed an ability to employ every technological means along with unleashing legal restraints to fortify unparalleled security measures in our war for safety. 941 more words


New NRA ad campaign strikes the RIGHT chords

The new ad campaign launched by the NRA is different than anything I’ve ever seen.  I was watching the news the other day and saw an ad, it stopped me in my tracks.  166 more words