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Gun Control Debate: The Argument That Every Gun Owner Needs to Start Making

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If there is one argument that the National Rifle Association loves to use, it is that guns are necessary for personal security. 472 more words

' Save Your 2nd Amendment Rights NRA Truth About Gun Owners TAG Poll '

#AceWorldNews – UNITED STATES – July 17 – NRA – Truth About Gun Owners.  

    Dear Friend,President Obama and the media are waging all-out war on the Second Amendment. 437 more words


July 14, 2014  By Jack Jodell.

Please listen to the brilliant podcast I just received from BURR DEMING over at Fair and Unbalanced.com. I proudly stand with this enlightened man 100% on this very vital issue. 200 more words

Bambi Get Your Gun!

This falls under the category – Look Deeper For the Truth. It was sent to Boston-T who has a consistent ability to slap back in good spirited intellectual debate… 1,148 more words


An Unlikely Solution to the Gun Problem

It is not uncommon to hear people of all political stripes proudly boasting that the United States is an amazingly awesome place to live. They’re not wrong, at least most of the time. 1,405 more words


Is This The Train To Desert Bus?

This is part two in our ongoing coverage of meaningless content. -Ed

Do you like Penn & Teller? Did you know they once made a video game? 773 more words


NRA’s “really big problem”: Why it’s dependent on a dwindling fringe


Gun lobby is now reliant on an increasingly radical right-wing sect — and that spells trouble, an expert explains

During a Tumblr Q&A earlier this week,  2,599 more words

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