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Do you ever wonder why there are so many problems in the world?  Why there are so many animals going extinct, so much pollution, so much destruction?  148 more words


They're Quite Lovely, Most Batterers

They’re quite lovely, most batterers.

Lovely at home, too.

Until they’re not.

- From Jane Eaton Hamilton’s Never Say I Didn’t Bring You Flowers

Call for Submissions on Relationship Violence for Forthcoming Anthology…

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Ways To Help

Elephant Sanctuary in...Tennessee?

Elephants in Tennessee? Yes, it’s true. Some fine and resourceful folks have acquired acreage there to create a sanctuary for rescued elephants. Tennessee is the state of my birth, incidentally. 173 more words


End Your Year Knowing You've Changed Lives!

We’re about to wrap up another year and The OutJustice Foundation has been hard at work behind the scenes assisting survivors of hate-driven violence and discrimination, communities to understand their rights and options, and when those targeted are no longer with us we help victims’ families with programming and services they cannot get from other organizations. 64 more words

Ways To Help

Gray Wolf

Common Name:  Gray Wolf, Arctic Wolf, Timber Wolf, Plains Wolf

Scientific Name: Canis lupus

This animal is one of the most iconic species known to man. 260 more words


Ten Movies about the Environment

I have a confession to make.  I love movies.  They’re magic to me. From Disney to documentary, I love them. While they’re entertaining, they can also serve a purpose:  to educate people (My brother hates these, what he calls “message movies.”).  57 more words


Giant Panda

Common Name:  Giant Panda

Scientific Name:  Ailuropoda melanoleuca

Giant pandas are one of the most cuddly-looking animals, with their long fur and their mask-like markings. These creatures can be found only in China. 207 more words