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The relationship art – authentic transmission

In my opinion, the relationship between art and authentic transmission can be synthesized in the the following phrase: “a truthful teacher must pay concern for the art and importance for disciple”, because there is no art without a teacher and there is no teacher without a student.


The alphabet of Kihon

The personal experience allows me to make this analogy that I have not found it anywhere so far:

kihon is like alphabet – with clear and ample movements, with attention to detail. 17 more words


About technique

In each stage of the training should be emphasized the kihon and the kata for obtaining harmony in keiko .

every time I start my training I am thinking about that a technique which is repeated 10,000 times is more useful than 10,000 techniques repeated only one time. 63 more words


About using a sharp sword

In keiko it is generally accepted that even if the bokuto it is fundamentally different than the katana, if the technique is correct performed the result is the same – extremely harmful for the opponent. 157 more words


Kamae – the basic stance for Keiko

Kamae, the basic stance for sparring or self-defence, it is not a body posture, but rather it is a state of mind, thus Gedan-no-Kamae or Waki-Gamae may concealing an instance of Jodan-no-Kamae. 29 more words


Dezavantajele abordarii traditionale

Desi majoritatea stilurilor moderne incearca mai mult sau mai putin vizibil sa se raporteze la o origine istorica sau eventual sa isi inventeze una, in realitate din punctul meu de vedere, in sfera martiala sunt putine aspecte mai nocive decat  acela de a nu accepta schimbarea. 394 more words



Distanta fata de adversar se poate inscrie in trei categorii:

- Chikai-maai (Chika-ma) – distanta apropiata;
– Issoku-itto-no-maai (Issoku-itto-no-ma) – distanta medie;
– Toi-maai (Toh-ma) – distanata indepartata. 217 more words