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041514 TUES

4/15 TUES Crossfit New England’s Bluto:

OTM x 15
Min 1 – 5 WBs 14/20# + 5 Power Cleans 95/135#
Min 2 – 5 WBs + 5 T2B… 33 more words



แก้วมัคของลิขสิทธิ์จาก Warner Bros. ค่ะ

ปกติแล้วไม่มีหน้าร้านในไทย และสั่งออนไลน์ก็ไม่ส่งไทยเลยรับหิ้วสำหรบคนที่อยากได้ค้าาา
แก้วมัคเค้าทำสวยมาก บางอันมีลูกเล่นด้วย พิมพ์ลายสวยมากค่ะ

มัคทุกลายราคาเดียว 970 บาท ซื้อ2ใบลดเหลือ 1890 ค่ะ

Harry Potter

Confessions of a Mentee and Mentor

            When WB has the platform to communicate with students, he stresses the importance that students should “stalk mentors.” Ranging from business to academic settings or just in the arena of life (like me), mentors play crucial roles in their mentee’s development. 991 more words

Happy Birthday Dark Knight!

So this year marks the 75th anniversary of the caped crusader, otherwise known as Batman. In honor of reaching such a heroic status, WB have released a new short by none other than Bruce Timm, the mastermind of the 90′s animated Batman series–a staple of my own childhood, might I say. Enjoy!


THS: Rescue from the Underworld and Gift of Immortality in W/B control

A draft last Tuesday started with Fated Intervention, Odunos River Trawler, and Sunbond out of a weak third pack, followed by another Sunbond fourth pick over Asphyxiate because I was hoping I might be able draft… 748 more words


Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor Gets Release Date

Hey everyone, I’m sure you have all been hearing things here and there about Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor the new game from WB Games. Well they just hit us with a release date and a trailer as well as pre-order incentives!!! 26 more words