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Woman Blog-crush Wednesday

Woman Crush Wednesday, #wcm, I see it on Instagram a lot and really don’t understand the fascination, other than we women should be united instead of hating on each other. 169 more words

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WebDav URL for content on virtual Portal

Here is the URL to connect to WebDav WCM content when on a virtual portal. Strangely, it needs a !ut/p in the URL. Regular URL can be used if the virtual Portal is based on host name. 10 more words


WCM Security Update task

./ConfigEngine.sh run-wcm-admin-task-update-security -DPortalAdminPwd=passw0rd -DWasPassword=passw0rd -Dlibrary=MyLib -DinheritPerms=apply -DlibSecurity=true -DpreserveDates=true

Note: Add -DVirtualPortalContext=VP to run the task for the library in virtual portal.

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Plugin Matches Regular Expression

While working on a recent project, we had to hide display of an element. We would use plugin matches for this,


but rich text elements in the content had a default paragraph “

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Vanity URL Administration for IBM WebSphere Portal and Web Content Manager

Business users of IBM WebSphere Portal version 8.5 can offer customers better digital experiences by using Vanity URLs. Managing this new feature should not introduce any new headaches for administrators but a few tips and a little prior planning will go a long way toward ensuring a smooth implementation. 1,244 more words

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