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Love Is Freedom


To love.
And to be loved.
Our purpose.
So simple, and yet,
So hard for so many!

Hideous attachment
Causes anger
And fear
And greed. 200 more words


We Are One: From The Shadow To The Light.

A day behind am I as I come back from a wonderful journey to the city of Sydney to play with my Beloved and our very dear friend. 275 more words

The Bloodline To Release We Are One In March

The Bloodline (ex-Dirge Within) have revealed that their debut album, We Are One, will be released on March 24. The band have also unveiled the album artwork and have posted a preview of the title track.



At present your world is not at peace and has not been so for many hundreds of years. You have fought each other, nation over nation, in your greed for land, a need for a perfect race and your differences of opinion with regard to what you call religion. 224 more words


The "We Are One" Project

A few days ago, I announced on Facebook that I was starting a body image project, and in need of volunteers to be photographed and a photographer. 1,027 more words



Growing up you are taught that you exist separately from everything, that everything is not a part of you. Within, you are all that is, everything is an extension of your being. 520 more words


Blurring The Boundaries

Sometimes there is a very faded boundary between me and all things around me. I have developed a strange transformational skill, that allows me to experience the existence of even non human and inanimate object as they are existing. 131 more words