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We Can Do This - SHIFT

We can do this it is time for the rest of the shift in conscience awakening to take place. We are the mass not the less than 1%, the predators, WE ARE THE MASS. 16 more words

My Suicide Attempt @ Age 5 – Reader’s Discretion is Advised!


Depression is very real and can be life threatening, as in a few cases some have taken their own life. A few months ago the world received sad news about the loss of a beautiful soul, Robin Williams. 1,761 more words


Are we REALLY  one? 

My simile for us humans is we are like a pile of leaves that have fallen from trees. On the ground we all mix together and look like one mass. 283 more words


How do we get to a place of PEACE?

It IS what WE ALL want, no?


Love for self,
love for ALL.

How do we get to love? 1,201 more words


Look up, or rather, look out

The universe surrounds us.

We forget sometimes that we are finite creatures on a tiny speck of a planet, hurtling around an average star on the far-flung arm of a spiral galaxy. 11 more words

Wise Words

Friday Vibes Last Forever

Good morning moonlight, the yogi says hello!

I love waking waking before the sunrise. There’s something in the magical moments of dawn that always has me pondering life’s mysteries. 87 more words



As well as all the other problems your world encounters, the wars, the terrorism, the famine, you are now faced with an even more serious and life threatening epidemic that has the potential to kill more people world-wide than any World War, famine or terrorist act has managed in the past. 294 more words