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why we don't like certain people

is it a smell in the air

was it the way they talked

walked or seem to have an answer

for any and everything

and was it forgetting to turn the faucet off… 45 more words


David Tutera's CELEBrations: Taylor Armstrong's Wedding

We begin with David Tutera and his adorable baby girl who is still an infant. David spilt with his boyfriend of ten years last year and at the time of the split, they had a surrogate carrying their twins. 1,084 more words

Lisa Vanderpump

we ain't ready

nothing is set in stone

and the body ain’t ready to be laid to rest

and its time to always proclaim

and lead things as the best… 49 more words


august we await

something is burning

and something is cooking

and wants to be felt

and a roar

and its own central

and its own feeling

where you last went… 47 more words


which way can we

what is the avenue

when it has closed lanes

does it ever

switch and need a plan

as it leads toward

a block of its own blind… 46 more words


We Interrupt This Program...Wait, What Do You Mean "WE"?

I must interrupt these regular broadcasting for an important announcement and apology to my readers. Recently I have been re-reading Christopher Hitchens (I use this word far too often) essential and wonderful book… 1,030 more words