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Freewrite 17April14 (Weak Men Metanoia)

Weak men love to control.
Weak men will dismiss equality and fairness and hold onto egocentric pride.
Their sexual gravity pulls them back to the womb which they were expelled from, 293 more words


Weak men and strong women are like oil and water, they just don't mix.

I am very proud to state that I was raised by a very strong man. He instilled more “man” in me than most of the boys I have been dealing with as of late. 714 more words


Epistle Of Man: On Taking Care Of Oneself

To all my brothers of humanity:

If there is much hope to be had or at least retained of all things, is that everyone of you are remaining strong, vigilant, firm, confident, and most of all manly. 1,233 more words

Manly Knowledge