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I pretend to be strong because I’m not strong. I’m weak and I don’t want you to see the cuts that decorate my arms like telephone wires against a blue sky. 179 more words

An open letter to whoever who is stuck and sees no exit

Dear you,

I am sad to hear that you are stuck and unhappy. I am sad to hear that you are fighting demons all day long. 581 more words


Sorry for Welcoming You

Whenever that old writer’s block
Come upon my head to knock
You get a poem like yesterday’s
“You’re Welcome.”

After which poetic guilt
Covers me like the Nile’s silt… 74 more words



Why do we shy from brokenness?
Why do we cover our tears?
Why do we cower from darkness?
An amalgam of all of our fears. 55 more words


The Equalizer

It hardly needs to be said to be said, the spoiler warning takes priority.

A couple of weeks back, I went to see The Equalizer reboot with Denzel Washington as Frank McCall.

464 more words


Invisible, yet powerful

Inspiring, and harmful

A weapon, and a bandaid

A leader, and an underdog.

Everyone has one,

Yet some choose hide it.

A voice is a tool. 159 more words

# 149

“Il senso delle nostre imperfezioni ci aiuta ad avere paura. Cercare di risolverle ci aiuta ad avere coraggio.” –Vittorio Gassmann

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