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Young Spirit // Poya Livälven

Poya Livälven

This month´s young spirit is Poya!

Do you have any interests?
I have a lot of interests; I am quiet evolved in social and political issues. 1,616 more words



Honestly after the break up ive been having crazy mood swings. Like one minute I’ll be pissed off at what he did to me and the next id be bawling my eyes out wanting him to come back. 288 more words

Drowning [h a i k u]

Let me drown for now,
Let me float in deep waters
Let me gain new strength

Creative Writing

Dream Journal: Run!

Hide! Hide!


Eh?? That’s how u address him? Using his name without any weird nickname?

Yeah. Why?

Why? What is so weird with that? 810 more words

Dream Journal

Verse of the Day - Isaiah 40:28-29

Sometimes I feel worn out by things physical or emotional, then at times by both. so many times I have struggled alone, but only do I make it through by submitting to the Lord. 283 more words


How To Eliminate Acrylic Nails At Property For The Ones Possessing Weak Nails

mimin, August 29th, 2014. Nail Style Tutorial, How to Remove Acrylic Nails at Home for the Ones Possessing Weak Nails.
What ever you call it, acrylic nails, artificial nails or even fake nails, they are certainly the ideal solutions for you getting weak and brittle nails but wanting to have… by… 7 more words

Women Ideas

How Did We End Up Here?

The last couple of days have been rather difficult for me, and today has been no different. I have been falling deeper and deeper into something I never thought I could come close to.I’m worried for myself, but it seems that it’s not enough to make me stop whatever this is. 1,220 more words

Bad Days