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Lessons Moses Learned

Besides being SURROUNDED and IMMERSED in WEALTH, Moses learned some other valuable lessons.

First and FOREMOST Moses learned to TRUST in GOD! This was put to the test before the Pharaoh, fleeing Egypt and then wandering in the wilderness. 179 more words

Hugh Simpson

Wealth is not wisdom!!

Destruction happens when wealth is given to the illiterate and stupid people!!!!Because by having wealth they think they are wise!!!!! Lolz !!

What do you expect from a generation who thinks they are smart only by studying in school, playing games and watching sports and know some languages and literally they take pride on it !!!! 27 more words


Are you looking for a new place to live?

If you are then this apartment is probably out of your price range. If you’re amazed at the price then consider how this situation has come about and what is wrong with our capitalist system that allows a very few people to have so much and most people to have next to nothing.



It’s been a while since I posted something on here,I hope y’all are enjoying your weekend,it can’t be all work sometimes you need a break ,this is just something I want to share with you;to draw your attention on some few things ;enjoy!! 297 more words


Redefining Wealth: A 21st Century Perspective

Has someone ever said this to you, “It’s all about you.” Or have you said, “It’s all about me?” Well, it is. Everything is about me, about what I think arising from experience, education, and emotions. 353 more words


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This is the product that you have been waiting for. Learn how to connect with hundreds of prospects on a daily basis who will be hunting YOU down for information about your business opportunity instead of the other way around. 186 more words

The Rainmaker

When we see nature after a rainfall, we see beauty and abundance everywhere. It is a wonderful experience to smell the flowers and shrubs, to listen to the birds singing, to see butterflies darting here and there, and maybe occasionally see a rainbow in the distance. 250 more words

Eckhart Tolle