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Redefining Wealth: A 21st Century Perspective

Has someone ever said this to you, “It’s all about you.” Or have you said, “It’s all about me?” Well, it is. Everything is about me, about what I think arising from experience, education, and emotions. 353 more words


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The Rainmaker

When we see nature after a rainfall, we see beauty and abundance everywhere. It is a wonderful experience to smell the flowers and shrubs, to listen to the birds singing, to see butterflies darting here and there, and maybe occasionally see a rainbow in the distance. 248 more words

Eckhart Tolle


Asking yourself questions, the right questions albeit, and
doing so regularly can be THE DIFFERENCE between
success and failure.
However, asking ourselves questions isn’t always the… 318 more words



FEAR is where the money is. You should LOVE fear…
Jerry Maguire should’ve been screaming at the top of his
lungs, “”Show me the fear!”” 355 more words


Creating EPIC success!

Mind blowing inspirational video by success expert Robin Sharma…

Must watch!

Stay #Fitt and #Successful


Artist Looking for Work

I want to provide you with links to my body of work, so that either you, or someone you know, may wish to hire or commission me. 24 more words