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Dreaming of Being your own Boss?

I’m writing another blog for you tonight because I missed posting for you last week.  I hope this redeems me.  So lets talk now about being your own boss. 196 more words


Producing wealth in your own life

Are you working hard in your boss’s life, producing wealth for him, but not working at all in your own life to produce wealth for yourself? 1,564 more words

Reverend Master J'iam

Are You Paid What You're Worth?

This is one of my favorite business questions.  So few people answer excitedly with a resounding YES, ABSOLUTELY!  How would you answer the question?  Are you paid what you’re worth? 142 more words


Lament not, rejoice not . . .

Lament not in poverty and rejoice not in riches, for one follows the other as sure as night follows day!

There is a tidal flow to possessions that happens, not every day, but on a regular basis. 993 more words


Cebu's #1 Team Building Provider!

Hey guys, if you are in need of Team Building facilitators in Cebu City or any corporate events in anywhere in the country, do check out Cebu’s #1 Team Building provider at  10 more words


Hybrid Bling

What says bling better than a Prius?…

That’s right! False advertising!!!!

There’s no such thing as a shimmering Prius. Even with a diamanté Toyota badge. You cheeky environmentalist!


Good Governance is the Key to Prosperity

There is an excellent piece of work Great Companies, Great Nations by Richard Chandler of Chandler Group on governance issues. Available as free download.

Good governance, both on company and country level, goes hand in hand with prosperity. 84 more words