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Two Americas?

In Coming Apart, Charles Murray says that America is becoming two increasingly separate cultures. The upper culture, the elites, talk about the social revolution, individuality and non-judgementalism celebrated in the Forrest Gump movies of the 60’s but they live a healthy two-parent, highly motivated neo-puritanical lifestyle. 322 more words

Everything you ever wanted to know about the world's billionaires

The ranks of billionaires expanded 7% to 2,325 this year, according to a billionaire census conducted by UBS and Wealth-X, a private research firm that studies the ultra-rich. 327 more words

The Effect of the Minimum Wage

What happens if you raise the minimum wage? Some economic analysis of the idea and its arguments.

1. “Productivity has increased faster than minimum wage”: average productivity≠ average productivity… 96 more words

Privatization and Passivity

Kenya Jones fills a bucket with water at a vacant house in her east side Detroit neighborhood. Jones has been without water at home for a month because her landlord has not paid the bill. 515 more words

Holly Golightly, Swede Levov, and Raoul Duke

I’ve mentioned that I’m reading all the time here, even though my tally is nowhere near as high as Danny’s when he was this far into service. 1,671 more words

De México

Day 18 & 19 – PuDong

Since today was a pretty empty day I’m going to finally get around to writing the Part Two of the post I made on Day 34 (regarding being a CFO). 664 more words