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Three Ways to Know History

The de-industrialization of the U.S. took place about a generation after the de-industrialization of the United Kingdom. Industrialization has since (magically!) moved on to China and places to the east and south. 356 more words

How You, I and Everyone Got the Top 1 Percent All Wrong

Unveiling the real story behind the richest of the rich

Derek Thompson – The Atlantic

For years, I’ve been making the same embarrassing mistake about U.S. 386 more words


How do the Rich Get Richer and the Poor Poorer?

How do the Rich Get Richer and the Poor Poorer?

Reports from economists around the world continue to post data about the widening gap in income or wealth between the “richest” and the “poorest” people. 1,607 more words

Why a Four-Cent Tax Hike Matters to the Wealthy

By Dwain Handley

We lesser animals puzzle at the intransigence of billionaires over small tax increases.  The most recent one was roughly four cents on the dollar.   1,810 more words