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Day 18 &19 – PuDong

Since today was a pretty empty day I’m going to finally get around to writing the Part Two of the post I made on Day 34 (regarding being a CFO). 664 more words

Predator and Prey Relationships

A review of Suzanne Church’s “Mod Me Down” in Elements: A Collection of Speculative Fiction (Edge, 2014).
By Derek Newman-Stille

Suzanne Church’s “Mod me Down” takes readers to the limit of the human experience, exploring that critical moment when culture bleeds into instinct. 297 more words

Fiction Book Reviews

The Smartest Man on the Planet

Nick Hanauer is possibly the smartest man on the planet. Not because he was one of the first investors in Amazon, not because he has billions of dollars and his own plane, not because he has given TED talks and been in documentaries, but because he wrote… 376 more words


Poor and Rich share the same America

The American life is a constant balance between having enough $ to “live” in our inflated, over-priced society and giving enough to support the many people left behind by colonial capitalism. 989 more words

The Siege Paranoid

In Danse Macabre, King brings up the idea that paranoia is the last refuge of sanity in a world that defies comprehension.

In such a world it is perfectly credible that a mental defective should sit on the upper floor of a little-used building, wearing a Hanes t-shirt, eating take-out chicken, and waiting to use his mail-order rifle to blow out the brains of an American president; perfectly possible that another mental defective should be able to stand around in a hotel kitchen a few years later waiting to do exactly the same thing to that defunct president’s younger brother; perfectly understandable that nice American boys from Iowa and California and Delaware should have spent their tours in Vietnam collecting ears, many of them extremely tiny; that the world should begin to move once more toward the brink of an apocalyptic war because of the preachings of an eighty-year-old Moslem holy man who is probably foggy on what he had for breakfast by the time sunset rolls around. 

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"Dawn Breaks" Background Setting Construction

I mentioned a while back that I was having trouble with the setting that I had “developed” for my earlier piece of flash fiction.  I put “developed” in quotes because, let’s face it, I really just made stuff up and went with it at the time.   1,243 more words



Yesterday, we watched the game with friends and celebrated when Brazil won the opening. My six-year-old daughter, with her playmates, also watched the game and happily cheered the Brazil team on within the safe and comfortable confines of our sports club, complete with playground where they spent much of their time. 427 more words