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Income inequality soars in every US state

By Andre Damon
January 30, 2015
World Socialist Web Site

Income inequality has grown in every state in the US in recent decades, according to a new study published this week by the Economic Policy Institute. 1,142 more words


Apple, Tim Cook and the wealth distribution curve

”A friend sent me the attached video (below) a few weeks ago. I’d seen it before. Maybe you have too,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt writes for Fortune. “It’s been viewed 16 million times since it was posted in 2012, and voted up nearly 100,000.” 108 more words

Tim Cook

Money for Stocks, Zilch for the Economy

Draghi’s “No-growth” QE

By Mike Whitney
January 24, 2015
Counter Punch

Let’s say you’re diagnosed with colorectal cancer. But instead of going to a professional for help, you decide to treat yourself with glycerol suppositories and high doses of Vitamin C. 1,438 more words

Social Inequality

Mounting hunger in western Wisconsin

By Gary Joad
January 24, 2015
World Socialist Web Site

While the Obama administration proclaims “the crisis is passed,” and the US economy is well on the way to recovery, social distress is mounting in many areas of the United States, particularly in those where factory jobs were the mainstay of working-class living standards. 872 more words



I’ve eaten almost nothing but beans since the start of the month. An egg here and there, some cheese earlier along, tortillas to scoop them up with. 893 more words

De México

The Politics of Inequality

Paying More to Play the Game

by John K. White
January 22, 2015
Counter Punch, January 21, 2015


Stop the presses! Inequality is still getting worse. 1,387 more words

Social Inequality