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Sanders Considers 2016 Run As An Independent: 'Profound Anger' At Both Parties

WASHINGTON (CBS DC) – Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., the longest-serving independent in congressional history, said he’s taking a serious look at a 2016 run for president, and brushed aside talk of Hillary Clinton as secondary to the real problems facing America’s middle class, including a growing gap in wealth inequality. 382 more words


Canada: Richest tenth of B.C. families has half of province's wealth: report

I live here. About 4 million of us live here.  This is not merely a provincial story. This wealth inequality disease is now the standard all over the planet. 257 more words


Income Inequality in Canada

I was going to say “eat these effen parasites”, feed them to the poor, but they would likely leave a bad taste of excrement and lies in your mouth. 324 more words


The time you take

Let those of wealth never be reason
For argument of plenty
Between those impoverished-

The battle against it
Is lost,
Before it has even begun. 64 more words

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Is Portugal Next In Line For Wealth Confiscation?

No worries. Everything is fine. Your Monopoly money is safe in the banks. Keep on shopping. This could never happen in your country, right?

Is Portugal Next In Line For Wealth Confiscation? 370 more words


The age of rentier capitalism

The age of rentier capitalism | Al Jazeera America.

Al Jazeera America

September 7, 2014 

by Guy Standing

How intellectual property makes us more unequal… 831 more words


"What Is To Be Done?"

We are living during precarious and dangerous times. Giant organizations with strictly defined and maintained hierarchies and rules of conduct, and a narrowly defined mission and purpose for accumulating as much wealth for a few individuals, as possible, with all means necessary, have created a modern day empire, hell bent on controlling, dominating and exploiting the whole world for profits and wealth. 1,119 more words