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John Oliver’s new show “Last Week Tonight” has made another piece that is going viral, and not being above riding on coattails I’m going to talk about a similar topic. 1,379 more words

What Causes Wealth Inequality?

This discussion is adapted from a forum debate.

There are many causes of wealth inequality, but several major factors come to mind:


Daily Finance Tip: Income Inequality

This isn’t a finance tip at first glance, but it is one of the best (and most entertaining) pieces I have seen on income inequality in America. 432 more words

Daily Finance Tips

UN Millenium Development Goals

This website hosted by the UN talks about its eight development goals for 2015. The website also has stories on current major human development issues. -Link

High School

Study: U.S. wealth inequality worse than previously thought

A new study from the European Central Bank suggests that the state of wealth inequality in the U.S. is even more dire than previous statistics have shown. 233 more words


Food Stamps and the American Dream

After listening to so many neighbors, friends, and relatives complain about the welfare system in America, I thought I’d post this essay. Yes, I’m sure fraud happens, but then there are situations such as this: 45 more words

Wealth Inequality

The “Makers” and “Takers” — Not Who You Think

By Kevin Carson

Source: Center for a Stateless Society

The old “53% vs. 47%” meme that got so much attention in the 2012 election resurfaced this week when it came out that Colorado gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez apparently first coined it at a 2010 Rotary Club speech. 615 more words