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Why is Denmark one of the best countries?

The Other 98%

It is not as complicated as the corporatists claim. All it takes is a little bit of intelligence, a dash of willingness, a strong sense of social justice and equality, and plenty of compassion. 


Americans Don't Know How Bad Wage Inequality Is; Barsamian Explains at VC 10/2

Did you know that in California 50% of the people make less than $50,000 a year and that 50% make more? Or that if you make over $433,000 a year you’re in the top 1%? 915 more words

Literary Arts

Corporations Make Terrible Neighbors

What exactly is a corporation?  This is a great question.  If you read through the recent pro-corporation rulings by the Supreme Court you will find, as… 379 more words

Dysfunctional Government

Wealth inequality in the US

from the New York Times, 23 Sept. 2014

America Out of Whack
SEPT. 23, 2014
Thomas B. Edsall


“There is something out of whack in America. 1,446 more words