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A comeback for Marx? Inequality debate comes full circle

Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century has taken the economics world by storm with its revival of the Marxian idea that capitalism will destroy itself, if we don’t act. 724 more words

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OK Governor Signs Bill Banning Minimum Wage Hikes Throughout Her State

You really cannot make these stories up.

No wonder the US is going down. This Republican politician is  typical of what stands for political discourse in the USA. 559 more words


Hump Day for April 16

Two interesting articles on Canada’s state of affairs. Sounds strange and lonely at the top. Also sounds a bit unsustainable.

Harper’s dwindling support

Wealth Inequality

Wednesdays = Harper

‘We are to see severe destruction of Western economic system’

So this is the end of the West my friends? In a fair world, the jails should accommodate all those who brought on the demise of a once great promising nation that was bled out by corruption, decadence, racism, an abject education system, and greed. 734 more words


We cannot discuss poverty until we discuss the economics that perpetuates it...

The world has long moved to a Capitalist economic system and we have fought two world wars and numerous smaller wars, for centuries, to protect the right to accumulate wealth irregardless of its source. 148 more words

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Violence as thousands march in Rome against austerity

April 12, 2014

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At least 80 people – both police and protesters – have been injured as street battles broke out in Rome, with rocks being flung and police deploying pepper spray. 455 more words