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In re-reading some of John Steinbeck’s stories I came across “The Pearl,” which I had not read before. It is a fascinating story, well told, like all of Steinbeck’s stories, and one with a deep and disturbing message. 808 more words

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Christ the Capitalist..

Wealth is always a distracting factor in the relationship between man and God. Jesus emphasis this: For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. 589 more words

Believe And Accept The Gift Of Your Supernatural Provision

Donald Lawrence popular hit song “The Gift”  mentions in a verse that the systems of this world tries to steal your confidence. This verse reveals to me the world system is a system of unbelief in God’s annointed word that makes you doubt what is heaven sent. 587 more words

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Pinpoint your passion!!!

Making your Life more meaningful is about pinpointing your Passion.

Each one of us is born with unique strengths and talents and it is these that point to our life purpose. 664 more words

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The epochal hypocrisy of pot legaliation foes

First, a video report from Abby Martin’s Breaking the Set:

Big Pharma Wants You High on Pills Not Weed | Interview with Sam Sacks… 419 more words



Most countries, including the United States, use the system of FIAT MONEY – which is money that is has NO VALUE and is simply used as a medium of exchange. 403 more words