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Dangote's DNA

Which Ellatyra? Dangote’s DNA?
When I get described like that,it really gives me chills hehehe

Like most of you already know,i’m the self acclaimed infamous Dangote’s DNA. 676 more words

A Personal Problem With Wealth

When it comes to wealth, I immediately lose myself.

Maybe it’s because other people can’t really see it in me. On the streets, I’m that girl who wears the shirt clearly handed down from her mother, the two-year old sneakers that I never outgrew, and the tattered jeans that I couldn’t bear to throw away. 655 more words


#WealthforLife Wednesdays: Is it Time to Consult a Financial Planner?

Like many of you, I managed my own finances for several years thinking that I could save a few bucks by not hiring a financial planner. 1,192 more words


#WealthforLife Wednesdays: Goodbye Student Loan Debt, Hello Financial Freedom

I recently had a student loan payoff celebration dinner with my friend, Renita, who paid off $25,000 in student loan debt four years earlier than her target date. 1,459 more words


#WealthforLife Wednesdays: Apps to Manage Your Money

How do you keep track of your financial life? When I was just starting out, it was a combination of sticky notes, highlighted pages of a notebook, Excel spreadsheets and an unbalanced checkbook. 922 more words


#WealthforLife Wednesdays: 4 Steps To Put Your Savings On Autopilot

Over the years, I’ve observed a few things about people who are good savers. It’s not because they are the most frugal, have a budget that accounts for every single penny or make high salaries. 609 more words


#WealthforLife Wednesdays: How to Create a Realistic Budget

When selecting our Financial Fitness winners each month I always ask our subjects,” Do you have a budget?” The replies vary but they’re usually followed by grunts and groans about how restrictive budgets are. 574 more words