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Coffee and Tea That Sets You Free? Are You a One, Two, or........

Take a look at this video and if it makes sense don’t hesitate to leave a comment or contact me from my website at boreshacoffee.com/drinkurselfslim

Bankrate.com blog: "Passing the C.A.M.P. Test"

Roger Roemmich, chief investment officer of ROKA Wealth Strategies, got the idea for his new book, “Don’t Eat Dog Food When You’re Old: How to Solve the… 115 more words


Leaving Legacies

We’re all obsessed with living forever yet we know 100% that we won’t. Just watching your favourite TV program will prove to you how much people HATE getting old…the ever obvious ‘botox look’J is evidence enough. 409 more words

Estate Planning

Trimming the Rich

Among the many wars the ‘civilized’ world is losing is the War on Poverty. Governments have pretty much given up any serious attempts to eliminate poverty – except perhaps to look down on it. 645 more words


Morning Devotion: No masks

Many of you are relieved today because you made the deadline for filing your tax return.

It’s an annual ordeal that nobody would classify as “fun” yet we accept that it is part of living in a governed nation. 452 more words