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The average success story

While success is in the eye of the beholder, I heard an interesting fact recently about intelligence and financial independence.  And that fact was that the vast majority of financially independent people have average or below average intelligence. 143 more words


Four Tips to Increase Your Hourly Wage While on Salary Pay

If you really want to step up your game in your career, then it is important to determine how much you make per hour, even if you are paid salary. 28 more words

Having Being Loving

You can’t have what you don’t be. You can’t be what you don’t love. Chances are you hate success, prosperity and wealth. Most people do. You may deny it but you almost certainly do.


GOLD is a hedge against inflation.

Unlike paper currency, stocks, and bonds, GOLD never loses its intrinsic value.

GOLD should be part of everyone’s INVESTMENT PORTFOLIO. 19 more words

Bankster greed fueled Ferguson violence

Finally someone connects two critical dots, the violence in Ferguson, Missouri, and the crimes of American banksters and bubble collapse foreclosures.

Pay close attention to this conversation from RT’s The Keiser Report featuring Max Keiser and award-winning investigative journalist Matt Taibbi and you’ll see the extremely close correlations between banking deregulating and oppressive policing on the streets of America’s poorest neighborhoods. 94 more words


The Light From The Sky


last night (– or was it the night before?)

I grazed outside under the dark sky

under the cloudy milky way

and billions of stars, 381 more words