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Living for the moment.

As we approach the end of 2014 I can say that this year, like each year, has disappeared more quickly than the last.  At this time of year we have the opportunity to look back on what was and think about what is to come.   54 more words


25 questions to reflect on these holidays

I feel that human kind by nature is very well intentioned, truly I believe the majority of people have hearts of gold. What often hinders us from transferring our beautiful intentions into actions is not spending time in reflection. 450 more words


An Economy That Mimics Sustainable Biological Systems

As the notion of community is further understood as the a foundation of wealth – and as we more clearly understand that the is the message embedded in the structure of the living biological systems of nature itself is one of dependency on sharing nourishing value between us; ideas like those that Ferananda Ibarra speaks of here will become more common. 39 more words


Even the Rich Can Enjoy High-Efficiency Capitalism

Stirling (1921-2013)



Even many within the 1% should be willing to accept High-Efficiency Capitalism where there is no poverty, and people compete for… 476 more words


My Chanukah Gift

Priced for every pocket, you can get a Menorah really cheap,

So everyone can have their own to light each night and keep,

But Plenty was not invented when I was oh so young, 124 more words


Considering Effective Products For business, money

This standard is for gray iron castings used for general engineering use where tensile strength is a major consideration. You will not have to miss your calls whilst driving, walking or generally working in the office again. 656 more words