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"Even Now, Romney Just Can’t Help Himself": Romney’s Not Responsible For What Romney Said

Romney, who seems to spend a little too much time thinking about ways to condemn the president who defeated him, has run into trouble once more, this time in… 634 more words


What Socialism means to me.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines socialism as ‘A political and economic theory of social organisation which advocates that the means of production, distribution and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.’ I accept this definition however I would take it further. 423 more words

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5 Signs He Loves You For Your Money

It is the era of male gold diggers. Ouch, I know honey it really hurts to even think that he is after your wallet ( 436 more words


R.I.P., Beverly Carter

The REALTOR community was stunned this morning when news came out that one of our own, Beverly Carter of Arkansas, was found dead – the result of a kidnapping and murder after she had gone to show a home. 256 more words

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“Change is the law of life.  And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.”

-John F. Kennedy… 1,169 more words


Ambler, No. 27 [On Railing at the Heavens]

Some think there were few Consumptions inn the Old World, when Men lived upon much Milk. — Sir Thomas Browne

The modern trouble with Shakespeare is that, like everything else, he has been modernized.

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Sir Thomas Browne

"Our Invisible Rich": Most Americans Have No Idea Just How Unequal Our Society Has Become

Half a century ago, a classic essay in The New Yorker titled “Our Invisible Poor” took on the then-prevalent myth that America was an affluent society with only a few “pockets of poverty.” For many, the facts about poverty came as a revelation, and Dwight Macdonald’s article arguably did more than any other piece of advocacy to prepare the ground for Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty. 768 more words