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I’m not a land mine
Rigged to blow
Under pressure

I’m a time bomb
Counting down the minutes
Set to explode
With either destructive heat
Or limitless light


Department of Defense Releases Strategy to Counter Weapons of Mass Destruction

Today the Department of Defense released its strategy for countering weapons of mass destruction (WMD). This strategy will direct the department’s efforts to prevent hostile… 296 more words

Department Of Defense

...But The Left Told Us WMDs Didn't Exist

ISIS storms Saddam-era chemical weapons complex in Iraq http://t.co/3Tbs6q6A9s What? I thought WMDs didn’t exist?!? pic.twitter.com/ZmgKhsZ7IV

— Marc Hilliker (@MarcHilliker) June 19, 2014

United States

Is this why no one found WMDs in Iraq? by Jon Rappoport, June 12, 2014


Yes, prior to Gulf War 2, all sorts of people were lying about WMDs in Iraq. There was the whole business about the yellowcake and Niger, and Colin Powell speaking before the UN. 1,031 more words


Power of the Tongue

The number one weapon of mass destruction is our Tongue. When your lips are moving and sound is vibrating off your tongue, are the words positive or negative? 109 more words