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German Position

Two German infantrymen manning a machinegun position, armed with an MG08 and M17 Stielhandgranate. Note the French Adrian helmet in the top right.


Weapon of the Week: Kitchen Utensils

This article looks at how a fight scene set in a kitchen could use its environment creatively.

Weapon Name: Uh…kitchen utensils. I don’t think there’s a formal name for these. 734 more words

Fight Scenes

Florida Considers Legalizing Suppressors For Hunting

Ban On Silencers Could Be Lifted For Florida Hunters

” A 57-year-old ban on silencers, the noise-suppressing devices that are used to muffle the sound of a gunshot, could be lifted this week.

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RPG 40

This hand grenade is an RPG. “NO, IT CAN’T BE!!! THAT ISN’T A ROCKET-PROPELLED GRENADE!!!” I hear the Call-of-duty gamers cry. However, it is, considering how RPG actually stands for ‘ ruchnaya protivotankovaya granata’, meaning ‘hand-held anti-tank grenade’ in Russian.


Hidden Blade

It was just like a scene out of a movie, perhaps a yarn called The Secret Flying Sword. But it sure was funny.

We use telescopic straight swords for practice. 107 more words

Tai Chi

Weapon of the Week: Bare Hands (Part 1)

Weapon Name: Hands, Fists

Even unarmed, we are still armed.

Description: Those things attached to the ends of your arms. They generally have five fingers* and a flat palm surface. 755 more words

Fight Scenes


I need more Axes in my life.

I have plenty of swords, and daggers, knives and hammers, bows and arrows, and several guns. (But I can always use more, that zombie apocalypse isn’t going to fight itself, you know.)  I have clubs and staffs, training weapons, punching gloves and the know how and freakishly diseased mind to concoct explosives and a variety of poison gasses from regular household materials, but I’m just missing that Axe connection. 170 more words