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What's Your Poison?

That is, assuming that poison is your weapon of choice.  This week, I asked the Corsets, Cutlasses and Candlesticks crew what their favorite historical weapon might be, and received a fascinating assortment of responses. 549 more words

U.S. Navy unveils electromagnetic railgun

SAN DIEGO, CA (KSWB/CNN) — A 250-million dollar Navy project could change the way the US fights wars.

The new “railgun” is said to be smaller, cheaper — and more destructive. 256 more words


Steampunk No. 2

Here’s our second attempt at Steampunking! (The first of which has not yet been revealed, hehehe)
More posts to come on our weaponry and how we made it! 189 more words


Video Purportedly Shows "Super Accurate" Israeli Airstrike

VIDEO: Security Cameras Allegedly Record IAF Strike On Gaza Terrorists

” Footage in an unverified YouTube video published on Saturday shows a blast in a vehicle traveling on a road in a coastal region.

83 more words

wikipedia poem, no. 12

       was contemplating the animals 
when invention with a grand 
sleeve fell to where 
the same cat came to the 
       the cat—slow moving 
    guards rolled contortion with a tub. 74 more words

Broken Swords

Its what I would call the best of the worst solutions.

Using a foldable straight sword is fine for playing form. It works quite well too for playing sticking swords. 161 more words

Tai Chi