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Friday Firepower

Choose Your Weapon

A blast from the past …

A little homemade firepower …

Nothing homemade about this vehicle …

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Blades of Hope: Press Release

Blades of Hope” Philadelphia Press Release:

Women and girls from around the world, trained in martial arts, join forces to solve a worldwide disaster and instill hope using their intelligence, physical strengths and good character. 341 more words

US Navy Takes Drone Technology To The Next Level With Destroyer USS Zumwalt

The Navy’s Newest Destroyer Is A┬áDrone

” When the U.S. Navy christens the first of its newest class of destroyers this month, it will launch the first ship with a brain of its own.

210 more words

Right to Bear only This Kind of Weapon: Government Logic

Weapons we have a right to own: Guns

Weapons we don’t have a right, but a privilege, to own, which can be regulated and banned at any time (or already is) and not protected by the constitution: 59 more words

There are Worse Things Happening Than Gun Regulations

Calm your tits people, nobody is taking your guns away.

If the government says “you don’t have a right to bear rocket launchers, automatic shotguns, and flame throwers, but do have a right to own rifles and pistols” the world isn’t going to collapse. 248 more words

Sword Dance 2

Second lesson with my student on straight sword partner practice. Didn’t understand why one of his movements in the form changed so walked him through it again from the perspective of using the movement as a response to an attack. 335 more words

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