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A short rant on Star Wars episode VII...

Sorry. I have no excuse for this. It’s not even a theoretic science entry. But, here we go anyway.

Disney’s new Sith Lord is a raving, blithering IDIOT! 96 more words

Review - SOG Tactical Tomahawk

Sometime in July, right before we made the big move out to Texas, I was searching for a sort of all-purpose tool that I could use while outdoors. 911 more words

Big Bear

Navy Uses Lasers

Watch: Navy Ship Uses Energy Weapon In Arabian Gulf


The best part of this is close to the end where you see the guy controlling the weapon using something that looks a lot like an Xbox controller.  46 more words

The U.S. Seeks the Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons in the Middle East

By Matt Peppe
December 8th, 2014
Dissident Voice

When Condoleeza Rice argued for a U.S. invasion of Iraq by claiming that “we don’t want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud,” she touched on a real threat of the nuclear war that could wipe out entire countries and destroy civilization as we know it. 1,122 more words


What It's Like To Be An F-16 Pilot

F-16 Fighter Pilot Documentary

Published on Nov 23, 2014

” Check out a video highlighting Airmen from the 100th Fighter Squadron. AFCENT Combat Camera showcases what it means to be a F-16 Fighter Pilot over the skies of Afghanistan.

15 more words