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Second Life: Urban Photography

Location is within a dark, grunge sim; A favourite for the boys to take photos whether punk inspired, post Apocalypse and even gangster. The below photos of me are all taken by Hammer, he is happy snapping better than mine and doesn’t need effects! 49 more words

Second Life

Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic

War is a relic of our Neanderthal ways.

We all know better and have evolved a bit since then, but instead of stopping this stupidity we use any technical advancements for more diabolical weaponry.


What's Your Poison?

That is, assuming that poison is your weapon of choice.  This week, I asked the Corsets, Cutlasses and Candlesticks crew what their favorite historical weapon might be, and received a fascinating assortment of responses. 549 more words

U.S. Navy unveils electromagnetic railgun

SAN DIEGO, CA (KSWB/CNN) — A 250-million dollar Navy project could change the way the US fights wars.

The new “railgun” is said to be smaller, cheaper — and more destructive. 256 more words


Steampunk No. 2

Here’s our second attempt at Steampunking! (The first of which has not yet been revealed, hehehe)
More posts to come on our weaponry and how we made it! 189 more words